The Invisible threads

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Cause, Meet Effect

It is Sunday evening, around 5 Pm. I sit cross-legged on the deep cushion sofa  with a cup of spice tea to relax. It was a long tiring morning, but at the same time  very satisfactory. I helped my neighbor finding her deaf dog, and baked  Cranberry Cinnamon cheese rolls and chocolate peppermint cookies for a charity event. I look through the window. The overcast morning has settled into a beautiful evening. I stretch out my legs and reach out for my I-pad to the check the e-mails. My eyes sparkle joyfully as I read today’s prompt. ‘Yes this is such a nice idea and so perfect post to write’ I say with a big smile.

I remember from the college days that the concept of ‘Cause and effect’ is a scientific principle with a history traceable through Hebrew, Babylonian, Greek and modern civilization. It is so simple as a action and a reaction. Even I think our thoughts has reactions too and the result may be weak or strong, depending on the level of one’s thought. My idea is to have positive thoughts or a good cause to bring out a beautiful outcome.

“To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.”- Issac Newton

Let our living planet breath including the plants and animals that make our Earth such a vibrant place. The main concern now are the rising sea levels world-wide, severe storms as hurricanes and cyclones, change in the Polar bear population, disappearance of coral reefs and glacier shrunk.Animals and plants that face over exploitation may become endangered or lost forever. illegal trade, unrestricted whaling need to be stopped to protect the elephants, rhinos and tigers. Air pollution with exhaust from engines, Carbon dioxide from the power plants, from the factories need to stop.

I want to raise more awareness for electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines, renewable energy, recycling house waste, organic garden to bring more powerful, uplifting effects on our beautiful planet. It is not that easy, but we can try our best.

Children need to be raised in a proper way to be the best citizen in a society with love, affection, food, education. Hazardous child labor and discrimination  in education need to be stopped. There should be a strong monitoring mechanism to identify and cure this problem and we need to be their voice.

Women’s right need more protection even in a civilized society. In some countries the government should set age 18 as the minimum for girls to marry which is a best step to eradicate  child marriage and improving their lives.

The law and its practice in every country should match the international and regional human rights obligations against all forms of sexual harassment and violence to women. Instead of watching this in the news or reading articles as a another story, we should raise our voice strongly through stories, through social media to stop these.

I love to make others smile and happy and we as a whole can bring a positive impact on this earth at least we can try our best. A positive attitude can bring  a chain of positive outcomes.

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