A Beautiful Saturday- Reflecting.


A fresh cold,windy and wet morning. The turf and paths are rustling with moist red and brown leaves. The rain fell fast enough to slice the green leaves from the big oak tree. The Prim rose and Crocuses are hidden under wintry drifts. The cold blue sky is half hidden by clouds. Today is Sunday. I am relaxing with a cup of roasted Dandelion root tea. The laptop sits on my lap and warms me further. I open up the daily prompt in  WordPress.

‘What? Really!’ I murmur to myself. I was surprised  that  I have to rewrite my first post. I thought that I misread the prompt. So I grabbed my reading glasses from the table and adjust it nicely on my nose, and then re-read the instructions. O’ fine, I say to myself. My first post was a very realistic experience, and was perfect for that particular time. The beginning is always so special and wonderful, from which I  started my journey in  WordPress.

‘We do not learn from experience..we learn from reflecting on experience.’–John Dewey.

Every day while writing we learn new ideas, face different challenges, and become more creative. I look forward to participating in each daily prompt.  Each blog wraps me  with more and more satisfaction and a happiness not only with my creation, but also in meeting other bloggers, making new friends and going through the comments,ideas and their sincere support. Things are better when shared. I am thankful to the WordPress for giving me  this beautiful space to explore.

The chirping sound of the baby  birds  woke me up . I turn my head to look  through the window. I see the sunbeams piercing the chinks of the shutter. I walk up to the window and see the beautiful rising Sun has painted the sky in pretty colors ,the still air humming, bustling  with summer life. The garden lilies scented the air and bloomed  in bright and brilliant scarlet and buttery yellow color.Some neighbors  are getting ready for walk with their dogs. Joy flash into my heart and light it up at once. My lips half-opened in  a vivid smile, an expression of joy. I have been waiting for this day.

After joining in the new job it is getting hard to make time for workout . But today I  have decided to go early to the gym, and try the new class they are offering. Morning tea can wait, so I gulp a glass of water and leave for the class.  It is very hard to find a parking place mostly the first two months of the year, as if every one suddenly gets aware of their health and tries to stick to a healthy routine.  The parking lot was full but there was one empty  spot under a tree, to the back of the YMCA building, as if waiting for me. I parked the car, rolled up the windows then walked leisurely towards the entrance of the building.  As soon as I enter, I met Robin, almost seventy-five, but still upright and trim. She is like an inspiration, always happy, cheerful and never misses the gym. After a little chat,we walk into the class room.Five minutes to class start, so we find a comfortable spot and decide to stretch a little just before the class to warm up the muscle.

A tall skinny lady walks in with a cheerful, pleasant smile wearing a shirt which says‘Body combat’. She introduces herself as Amy and about the class as a  non-contact martial art based fitness class,  with moves drawn from Karate, Tae- kwando, Kung- fu,  Kick boxing, Muay Thai,and  T’ ai chi. The music starts slowly, pulsing from side to side as the music builds up, then the fighting starts. It consists of simple punches,boxing hard, side and back kicks, shoot lunge. We visualize the  opponents and unleash into a series of fight. Our focus is speed, power and endurance.Sweats starts pouring like water, and heart-throb faster and faster.I try hard to concentrate on the Brazilian martial art “Ginga” and once mastered it flows perfectly. Right at the end we do the fast and powerful  shoulder blasting jabs. When the class ends we feel so tired but at the same time,  a smile of inner satisfaction that we stay to the end of the class. Legs are cramping but I walk slowly towards the new instructor with a smile to thank her for her high spirit and for the wonderful class. She gives me a hug  with a warm smile on her face and says,’please come to my next class on Monday’. ‘Sure’ I say and left waving my hand as if it is a promise to make each other happy by attending the class. I walked back slowly to the car with a heart full of gratitude for the wonderful start of my weekend.

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