Time Capsule

Date March 6th, 2015

Date to be opened March, 2115

The following items will be in my Time Capsule:

The pictures and speeches of the famous freedom fighters.

A few articles on Global warming and its effect. I will attach some pictures of the Polar bears, Pika, waterfowl and Coral Reefs.

The elephants are suffering from the illegal poaching and ivory trade so hopefully in hundred years the other generation can have a glimpse of this beautiful species.

Pictures and few of my memories of the breathtaking Grand Teaton, Yellowstone, Mount Mckinley in Denali, Half-dome in Yosemite, Smokey mountain and Grand Canyon.

Lots of article on Women’s right and children’s right in our current society.

Few of my favorite books : Pride and Prejudice, The great Gatsby, Rebecca, Gone with the wind, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Emma and all the novels written by my dad.

News paper clips on Obama because he is the first African-American president in the History.

I am not sure if the future generation will play the board-games but I will keep some as Life and Monopoly.

I will write a few positive notes on family life, relation between parents and children, between teacher and students.

Now my Time Capsule is really full so I need to seal it now.