Dream and Reality


Today is an unusual Friday.The stunning sunrise , the twiddle of the birds, the faces of the friendly neighbors and the gorgeous sunset, the delicate flowers on the patio all seem so unrefined, different.

After the evening walk and dinner, Sage lays on the bed with her one-year-old son. She reads’The Turtle Wish’ and the ‘Good night Moon’ stories to him. Around ten o’clock her eye lids feel heavier. She hears a soft knock on the big glass window to the left side of the bedroom.Sage opens her eyes.The room is pitch dark. She thinks, Last night I forgot to switch on the night-light then she extends her arm to the night table to switch on the light but the lamp is not there. The continuous knocking on the window makes her real nervous. She walks on the soft carpet towards the window. Sage parts the thick solid blue drape from the window. She tries to look through but it is very foggy outside. So Sage walks across the hall towards the living room. As she walks through the hall she is surprise to see the dim lights. Hm’ she thinks, Is something wrong with the electricity! She stands close to the front door and thinks Who is here at so late night? She leans against the door and asks,” Who is this?”

From the other side of the door she hears a very faint voice” It is me, your dad.”

Sage is delight, but at the same time surprised and bewildered with the unexpected visit of her dad. She says”Dad!” She twists the brass knob and opens the door. It is very foggy outside. Sage steps out and looks at the figure standing there on the front porch, in the dark. Her lips half-opens in a rich smile and Sage says,” Dad why can not I see you clearly?” And walks a few feet more towards her dad, extends her arms to hug her dad. Her dad moves back and says,” I am here to see you darling before I leave. I met everybody else, but you were not there so I  came here.”

Sage feels more nervous now. She wipes the sweat from her forehead and tucks her loose hair behind her ears. She lifts her eyes up towards her dad and asks,” Are you going somewhere?You have just arrived. Please come inside and you should have called me to pick you from the airport.” Then she looks around with a surprise on her eyes and asks, ” Where is your  luggage?”

Her dad stands there with a smile on his face without any answer.  Suddenly his figure flickers like a candle light in the wind and disappears. Sage runs through the front gate to the road and calls her dad,” Dad!dad! Where are you?”

Sage feels very cold, she opens her eyes and sits up on the bed. She glances around. Her dad is not there. Her son and husband are both in deep sleep. She turns her head towards  the clock on the night stand and it shows midnight. She worries about the dream. She opens the bed room door and walks out to the back porch for fresh air. Then decides to call home to talk to her dad. She picks up the phone and sits on the couch in the study. Before she dials the number the phone rings. Sage answers the phone. Her brother has called.” Dad just passed away.”

“No!!” Sage utters.Her whole body trembles. She makes several attempts to speak to her brother but no words come out of her twitching lips. She bits her lips. Her lips are sealed in an expression of unspeakable sadness. She inhales only a shallow breath and struggles for another. Her dad came to see her and said goodbye and she thinks that was so real. She tries to hold on to the side wall for support and drops down on her knee by the sofa and weeps.