Wishing on a star


A little girl is shouldering through the crowds.She walks in the middle of all the legs, luggage’s and lots and lots of children. Her heart beats like a tambourine under her ribs, tight and loud.The crowd follow their paths pushing and pulling around her,paying no attention at all. Her breath comes in short breaths like Carter’s horse and she feels tired. She is in the crowd but alone. The air smells of sweaty fear.Just at the corner of a pile of rocks, her memory bag slips and falls into the ground from her shoulder. A lots of happy memories are there; lots of from her home, her friends, her parents. But also the sad and scary memories of running around with her mother, hiding in cramped spaces,  squeezing the bodies and holding each other.The memory of hunger; it grew insatiably; her mouth began to expand, its roof rose to the top of her skull then the whole head was racked with pain. Some people ate grass and garbage and she just drew her tongue and chewed on nothing. She fights the urge to reach down and touch them. But she stops.

“ Sara! Sara!, wake up!”

Sara opens her eyes., startled and gasping for air. It is middle of the night. She notices a woman approximately the age of her mother stands close to her bed and observes her closely. “ Tell me dear,are you having bad dreams?” She says with a warm smile. The woman picks up the blanket from the floor and asks, “ Would you like to come outside to the celebration? There are lots of kids of your age to welcome the new year. There will be lots of fireworks too!”

Sara looks outside and then back at the woman’s face. The smile on the lady’s face is wide open, sunny without a doubt that everything will be wonderful again but six years old Sara is doubtful. The rebel army killed her parents, her friends and took away everything that they had. Faith is a distant and a vague word now. She hesitates a little but changes her mind. As Sara climbs down from the bed, the lady takes a quick step and holds her hand.She has lost her right leg in a gunshot during the rebel attack.

Outside of the ten, in the vast open space the fireworks have started. Happiness, excitement and new hopes float in the air.Tonight Sara wants to dream again. She closes her eyes, leaning on a tree. Her prayer for the New Year is something different. “ I want people to be nice, to be respectful and to love each other. I hope for peace, just peace nothing else.”






Strange things in a modern society.


At 3 Am on Saturday morning Serenity wakes up in a start. A strange sensation that something is not right. A swirl of anxiety spins in her mind. She sits on the bed . Last night she did not hear anyone coming in or the barking of the dog. That is not possible because she is very light sleeper. Serenity slips from the bed. She pushes her daughter’s bedroom door and stands in the doorway staring. The bed is undisturbed. Celeste is supposed to be back before midnight. Serenity tries her cell phone number which rings but goes straight to the answering message. Something is very wrong here. Serenity breaths quickly now  though her heart beat is calm.

She walks outside to the wooden deck.Only a smoldering dull light seems to descend from the sky as if a bright moon is trapped behind the clouds. Her daughter’s sagging hammock between the two sturdy trees is there but no Celeste of course. Serenity goes to the garage, entering through a side door no one inside there.  May be she stayed with her friend but did not call. May be her phone battery is down. Serenity enters again to her daughter’s room and turns on the light. She sees how neatly tightly books are arranged into the small Red oak bookcase. Celeste always love books and mostly classics. Her favorite pencil drawings on stiff white construction paper decorates one side of the white wall. Serenity moves closer to the wall the drawings are so elaborate, fine and meaningful. She looks at the small vintage clock on the table. It is almost 5 Am. Where on earth could she be!  Serenity speaks sharply. No she is angry and at the same time despair. She  fumbles for a chair, a kitchen chair and sits down heavily as if the air has slammed out of her. She starts to call all of Celeste’s friends one after another. Nobody knows. They all reply that she was with them in the school dance until it was over and they did not see her after that. Serenity feels so weak and so frightened. Her daughter is only thirteen years old. She contacts the sheriff department, her last hope. It feels as if a nightmare movie runs at high-speed for a cruel-comic effect. And she does not like scary movies not at all. She has watched and read so many news on missing children and she has cried many a times for the mothers, for those children.

We have found your daughter-alive and well. This call, so desperately wished for  does not come.

The search team has looked for Celeste everywhere, morning to dusk. Volunteers a flex flyers to telephone poles, trees, public walls, in post office, in walking trails. But no answer yet. Serenity’s eyes pouched in tiredness and damp. She sits in her prayer room eyes closed, hands folded. ‘God if I could trade my life for my little girl, then let that be, please keep her safe and spare her, take mine instead.’

There is a reward to find Celeste. Many calls come in but not the right one. Someday Serenity fantasizes to here ‘ We have found your daughter and she wants to talk to you.’ But there is nothing, nothing at all. The sheriff finds Celeste’s navy blue scarf and one pair of her black high heels in a parking lot but not her. Serenity has accepted the fate, the cruelty of life.

Six years have passed.

One summer evening in July. Serenity has just returned from her volunteer work from the women’s shelter. The doorbell rings. In front of  the door stands the local sheriff, who has helped Serenity a lot in her daughter’s missing case.In his eyes a strange elation. “ I have a good news for you. We have your daughter.” He says with a tight small smile.

“What? Serenity begins to feel very faint. The news is dazzling as a sudden bright,blindness scalding her brain. “ What did you say? You found Celeste?” Serenity tries her best to stand straight holding to the side of the door.

She runs towards the police car in bare foot.Her dog runs behind her. There on the back seat, someone is lying wrapped in a grey blanket and her face hidden, unmoving and she has known at once who it is. “ Celeste!” she lifts her daughter’s body and wraps her arms around her in a rib-crushing embrace. “ I love you so much.” She says kissing her daughter’s forehead.

The daughter’s pale skin, her shadowed eyes, dark curly hair that has thinned a lot from malnutrition and the scars on her abused body tells a very long sad,and heart breaking story to her mother. Serenity glances closely. Mother understands very well the emotion,the feelings, the sadness in her child’s eyes. “ I am so grateful that you are with me.” Serenity wipes her own tears. “ Do not you worry, I will take care of you. I will bring justice to you.” She carries her daughter to inside the house as she whispers choking in her own tears. “ Together we will fight and we will win.”


A Christmas Gift

One Monday morning just before Christmas Anna drives to the university.The road is busy with stressful, inattentive and impatient drivers. The air is vibrant with rich tensions. Suddenly out of  the trail of her eyes Anna notices something on the side of the road, something live. She slows down the car, tries to move into the left lane and stops at the shoulder of the road. Anna opens the car door slowly and walks back a few feet. As she spots the place, she walks closer.“ O, you poor thing!’ A little whisper escapes her slightly parted lips. Anna crouches down  on the pavement.He lays there on the hot concrete with mud and blood on his face and several deep cuts on his body. There are traces of fresh tears just below his eyelids. He blinks his almond-shaped eyes with sadness,lifts his head a little from the ground. His eyes are agonized and face reflects extreme grief. He sighs and closes his eyelids. He is wounded, can not move. Whose dog is this? Or who left him on the road ? Why?? She cupps her hand around her mouth. This so inhumane!! A cold hard wind seems to blow through her. It must be the dog fight! Anna’s eyes are wet and lips are sealed. She strokes the brown fur of the young pit-bull very gently. She removes her silk light blue shawl and covers the dog. She wants to assure him that she understands her pain and she is going to help her, protect her. Anna leans over, lifts the dog with both her hands, brings him close to her body and walks to her car.  She lays the dog  gently on the floor of the car. The dog trembles either because of cold, or from fear, or he is anxious. Or it may be  because of the cruelty of certain humans who likes to raise the pit-bulls and later engage them in dog fight for their own pleasure. Shame on them!There is no extra sheet or blanket in the car, so Anna takes out her jacket and covers him. She drives to the veterinary instead of going to her important client meeting.

Late afternoon in the same week. Anna sits on a rocking chair in her bedroom and rocks back and forth. Sadness flickers across her face;her forehead is shaded with a heavy cloud. Her lips are sealed into a thin line and her carefully tended eyebrows draw together. She feels restless.This is the tenth times in this year she has found the dogs, cats, horses who are harshly treated, and  abandoned. There are stories of abuse in the zoos, in circus, on the elephants poaching for ivory both in the news and magazines. In one news on some laboratories it says how they use the poor helpless animals for experiments in different harsh conditions and then abandon them. Anna wipes her tears. She can not take these any more. She has to do something to help. A sudden brilliant idea flashes on her head. Anna stops rocking, gets to her feet. She searches for the property paper about the plot of land. She pulls out the paper from the file, adjusts her eyeglass on the nose and flips the pages. The area is one hour north-east to the city, has few hills, has a small lake, forested and almost ten acres.That sounds great. Anna settles herself on the beige sofa in the living room. She leans more to the soft pillow, rests her chin in her hand and  lingers to think. She draws in a few breath and finally decides. Though exhausted, manages a small smile. Anna’s final decision is to make that plot of land a sanctuary for the abandon and rescue animals. She pulls out a white Moleskin notebook from the Espresso finish side table  and starts writing the important steps for starting the sanctuary: Check the zoning, register as a non-profit, making brochures to present the organization’s value, mission, program for the members and visitors,  create a website with contact information, new face book page, print newsletters, add in the local newspaper and TV, radio stations.Wow! this is so overwhelming! I am  determined that I can do it and nature will support me and for sure, that my friends in the wordpress will support me. A smile breaks through her gravity.

Christmas morning. The sky is clear blue, full of sunlight and hope. The rescued pit bull stretches out on his belly , nose pressed against the crack of her bedroom door. As Anna opens the door,his tail begins to swish and a small growls of excitement escapes from the corner of his mouth. Anna laughs delightedly and bends down kiss the dog. Today is the big day to announce her plan to her family.



” Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures”.  – His Holiness The Dalai Lama



A Miracle!

The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Every night, before my eyelids close themselves I wish the beautiful grey statue holding a small child  in front of my would step down, walk softly towards me. She would sit on the floor cross legged with her fingers gently caressing my hair and tell me the wonderful stories; stories of fairies, adventure of the kings. Each one of the stories will be marvellous and distinct. Or the tall Douglas Fir tree and the pine trees decorated  elaborately and lavishly with christmas lights to my right would speak, they would talk to me, sit with me and  tell me stories. I sigh while lying down on the damp newspaper. I pull the torn cloth up to my neck and adjust my small body deep into the medium size square cardboard  box covered with a clear plastic.The snowflakes drift down, glide on the plastic sheet, trimm the curves of the sidewalk and touch the ground. It is very very cold. My body shivers.The chill cold air of the night seems to lie on my limb as heavy as a slab of marble.I wipe the tears from my face with the back of my palm and try to sleep. Sorrows lay heavily around me.

A patch of cold sun greets  through the tiny holes of the cardboard box, I squint my eyes and tries to turn my face to the opposite side but then sharply turns my head back.I brush a cloud of hair out of my astonished eyes. A heart shape face with bright brown eyes and a pleasant smile appears in front of the big whole of the box. My heart stops.

“Good morning!’’ She says and lifts the box. I make an attempt to rise- I lean forward then sits back wrapping my hands around my knees and stare at the stranger. My heart beats faster.I am scared.I try to take a big gulp of air  as I could and held it to push back at the fear. I suck my breath like iron popsicle.

she is a tall lady in a jean pant, a dark grey winter jacket  and grey winter boots. A light blue scarf hangs loosely on her shoulder.Her hair is black and slightly wavy, arranged elaborately, and the bangs covers her big forehead.Her small knowing smile makes her appear benevolently ready to lend you her ear. She is light, delicate with a touch of motherly affection in her repose. Her penetrating bright brown curious eyes are full of kindness and sympathy. There is an pure simplicity in her warm smile that plays on her lean, spacious cheek and lights up her face. The lady bends down with one hand on her knee and the other lean arm outstretched towards me. “ Please do not be scared. I want to help you. Come hold my hand.” She says warmly.Then she leans forward and slowly touches my fingers. “ Your hand and feets are so cold! Is there anybody else lives with you?” Her curious eyes looks around the surroundings then gently falls on me.

“Please stand up. I will take you to an shelter. You need food, warm clothes and a place to stay. It is freezing here. Come, I will help you.” She says breathlessly, wrapping me with a dark blue blanket in one hand and holding my small fingers in the other.

My pulse beats fast but the lady’s eyes matches her voice. May be I will get a chance to live happily; surrounded with nice people, food to eat, books to read,cozy place to sleep. Yes, I strongly believe in miracle.

I raise my small tear-filled eyes and a little whisper escape my slightly parted lips.

“ Thank you!

Outside the air is alive with chatter,laughter and  a promise of bright future.

*Children are the greatest asset but 2.5 million children are homeless in each year in America. We should not create a Third world in our own backyard. No one child should be homeless!

A Hard Truth

Mouth Drop

The morning of  September 6th is clear and sunny with the fresh warmth of an ending summer. Gloria is excited and looking forward to teach her first class in one of the school. This year she has decided and planned to  spend more quality time in volunteering in different organizations and the first one is the school.

The class starts at sharp 8 am. Gloria double checks her hand bag for the note pads and the few treats which she has picked up lovingly for the students; crayon packs and colorful stickers. The class starts on time and continues perfectly until Gloria notices the small boy with thick brown hair, a plain blue shirt who sits at the far right side of the room, close to the wall with a window. He has long hair which hides half of his right face, tries to look straight or tries his best to listen to Gloria’s teaching and sometimes looks down to the open pages of a book or around to other students, then turns his head and stares out through the glass window. Gloria tries to get his attention and focus by asking him one or two questions but he just sits there, stares with a vague and empty look on his eyes and nods his head but does not answer. It is a little strange to see  a young boy in this state; so disinterest and inattentive in the class or it may be Gloria’s imagination. But she is determined, cold as a steel to find our the reason.

The class ends.Gloria walks closer to the desk of the young boy and asks him to follow her to the corridor, next to the office room. The young boy walks slowly and stands leaning against the wall. Gloria looks at him and asks,’What is your name?’

He swipes his stray long hairs from his right side of the face and looks towards Gloria and answers,’My name is Nicolas.

Gloria is surprised to see his sleepy eyes and asks,’ Did something bother you in the class or the topic that I was teaching? You were not paying any attention!’

Nicolas takes a deep breath, tilts his head slightly and answers nervously,’ I was trying my best. But some days it is very hard to concentrate in the class.’

Gloria relaxes a little as Nicolas opens up.But the answer does not satisfy her and she tries to know more about his disinterest in the class.She bends down a little and asks,’ You are like my son and I will try my best to help you so tell me the truth. What is bothering you?’

Nicolas stands quietly for a minute or two then leans towards Gloria and says,’ It is hard to sit still in the class because of my stomach, it aches from hunger. My last meal was the free lunch that I ate here in the school cafeteria. My mom tries her best but it is hard for her to take care of all of my other four siblings and they are younger than me. Some days we eat and some days we stay hungry.’ Sadness flickers across his face. He wipes his tears with the back up his small palm and looks the other way. He sighs. There is a long pause, a breathless pause and then Nicholas says,’Sorry. I will try my best to concentrate more in the class. My mom has faith on me that if I study hard and do good in the class then I will be able to help her in future.’

Gloria tries to stand straight. Her eyes are wide and  lips are sealed in an expression of unspeakable sadness. Her face is washed with an expression that’s equal parts of shock and wonder. She is surprised that Hunger which is a very hard reality in some of the third world countries has started to emerge in some families in a rich country too.Gloria stands in silence, staring numbly towards Nicholas, letting the tears trickle down her face. She shakes her head, wipes her own tears with a handkerchief. Gloria gently holds the small fingers of Nicholas within her. Her eyes fix on Nicholas as she speaks, measuring his reaction. ‘ Thank you for opening your heart to me. Do not worry. Relax.Come with me. I will talk to the principal and we will figure out a way to help you. I will make sure that you will get free breakfast and lunch here in the school and a way to help your mom.’

Nicholas’s eyes sparkle joyfully and his face lit up by a wide smile.He springs forward and hugs Gloria.

“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.” Buzz Aldrin

hunger                           hunher

Stolen Dreams

What a Twist! “Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.” ― Langston Hughes

“Mom! Mom!” Adesh walks into the kitchen with winged steps looking for his mom. His mind is thronged with delightful thoughts. His mom sits on the packed dirt floor close to the stove with a far-away look on her oval face, her eyebrows drawn together, her lips squeezed flat and lines across her forehead as she contemplated to herself. Her soft lilac-colored, many times patched dress contrasts with the clay and thatch of her home. Her right cheek rested on the palm of her hand and she stared at the boiling rice in the small chipped clay pot . Her thoughts fly rapidly through her mind and she dwells on how she will send her son to school, manage the house and find a job. The candle in the far corner, haphazardly placed on top of a brick, flickers slowly in the wind, casting a shifting circle of light. Upon hearing her son’s footsteps and exclamations, she shakes off her thoughts, looks up to find him and smiles. He is her happiness, her love, her life.

Her eyes alight on her son, ” Is everything alright? What is in your hand?” Adesh bends down,hugs his mom tightly, and sits on the floor. His eyes sparkle with excitement. “Mom, today a miracle happened! I met a guy near the big bookstore- the one with lots of books! books about different countries, books with different stories, alphabet books, books with beautiful pictures” He could barely take a breath, he was so excited. Adesh softly squeezed his mom’s hand, his eyes dancing with excitement “And books with pictures of kings, mountains, and trees!” His mom smiled even larger, and with some puzzlement, waiting to hear the rest of the story. “I am scared to go into that bookstore so I always stand close to the stairs and try to look at the displays. I was leaning close to the last step of the store and staring at the books, then I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder. I startled and  turned my head to see a tall gentleman with a blue striped shirt, a black pant, a black jacket. He looked at me from the corner of his eyes and with a small smile asked me,’I have noticed that everyday you come and stare at the books, but never buy any books.’ Then instead of waiting for my answer, he asked ‘Do you want to read some of  those books? I can even help you start going to the school‘ .I swallowed, lifted my brown eyes towards the tall gentleman and asked ‘How? Are you going pay for my school and the books?’ The tall gentleman chuckled, and pulled out a few rupees from his pocket  ‘Sure. And you have to work for the money.The company will pay you, provide a house to live and once in six months you can come home to spend time with your family. You can save money, go back to school and fulfill your dream. Doesn’t it sound great? Discuss this with your family and let me know tomorrow morning in this same place, before I leave the country. And here are a few rupees to buy things necessary for the trip. I forgot to ask you your name?’ I cleared my throat and said ‘ My name is Adesh.’ My hands shook as I took the money.”

Adesh looked at his mom and held out the bag held tightly in his hand, as if it was the most precious item in the world, “I  was racing back home through the market and and I bought this for you. Go ahead open the bag.”  Adesh’s mom reached for the bag, astonished at the story, and pulled out a pretty blue dress with soft white flowers on it. Her face is awash with equal parts happiness and surprise. She pulls Adesh close and hugs him again. “Wow, such a pretty dress! And did you buy anything for you?” “No mom. You have a torn dress and wear it all the time and I have two nice shirts so I so not need any thing.” Adesh is on cloud nine. He changes the topic and in a chirpy voice he asks his mom,” So what do you say mom? Please say yes. I want to work and bring lots and lots of money. Then you can buy more new dresses, colorful bangles, milk , a few fruits, repair the house and I can go to school. Then he moves close to his mother , “Really mom I want to study, go to school and be  like the famous people I see in the torn newspapers on the side of the road. Pictures of very rich,educated  people and some say that the rich people do help the poor people like us and give money to the school too. So can I go with him? Please mom?”

Adesh’s mother sees the beautiful, colorful and vibrant  hopes and dreams in her  child’s eyes and they float so brightly close to each other. She does not have a husband or anyone else to help her take care of the house. It is hard to let go of her only love. She glances at the sweet face of her son and smiles joyfully “Yes. You can go if that is the only way to fulfill your dream.” Then she tries to hide her tears, extends her both arms, wraps tightly around the small body of her son.

The next day, a  thunderstorm looms over the town, thick and rich with monsoon rain. The wind drives the rain against it in furious ways. Adesh gets ready to leave for town to meet the gentleman with high hopes. His journey starts, hope and dreams get wings. Soon he finds out that he has to work from early morning to night in a cocoa farm. He works day after day hacking the cocoa pods. He holds the pod length wise and gives it two quick cracks scrapping it open to  reveal the milky cocoa beans. He drops the bins on a  growing pile. It is so hard,he thinks. He opens both his palms and looks at  the cuts and scratches. He stands and wipes his sweats from his small forehead.He looks for some food in his pocket but it is empty. He has not eaten for the whole day, except one small banana in the morning. He sits down on the side of the big pile of the cocoa bean. He bends his head down and thinks that It is almost four years that I have not seen  my mom. I do not how to go back home. My mom must be waiting for me. Then he sobs. He wants to go back to his mom and back to his home.The gentle man lied. There is no money to send to her mom or for him to eat enough or to save for school. He looks around but everywhere there is only darkness and shattered dreams and shattered hopes. images (3)

A few notable acts

Me Time

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

Another beautiful Saturday morning. The rising day is emerging behind the trees. The morning symphony of the Spring birds make it more vibrant. Serenity walks lazily towards the back door. She twists the brass knob gently,opens the door and steps into the porch. The air feels fresh and new. A gentle cool breeze caresses her skin.She glances around. The trees in the back yard are warmed by the fresh sunlight, begin to unfold their new leaves. The apple tree in one corner shows off her beautiful pink buds and in a competitive spirit the Bradford Pear tree displays her symmetrical leaf canopies completely covered in fluffy  white blossoms. Serenity turns her head to the right  close to the wooden fence. She notices the beautiful dance of the Yellow Trillium and the Harmony Iris. Wow! So pretty! Says Serenity as a complement. They deserve a hug, she says with a smile and walks in barefoot to hug the trees. She wraps both her arms gently around the trees and hugs them. Then Serenity walks back to the deck, spreads her  blue yoga mat  to start her day with the sun-salutation. She lays in the Savasana on the mat and listens to the mumbled chuck of the warm orange breasted Red Robins and in a distance the fluttering whistle of the woodchuck. Serenity smiles richly and welcomes the joyful Spring.

Serenity walks into the house towards her daughter’s bedroom. She knocks at the door and says, Good morning! Wake up. It is almost eight thirty. We do not want to miss the gym.

Good morning mom! Yes I will be there, says Saffron, Serenity’s daughter.

Serenity drives to the gym with her daughter listening to the prelude ‘Enchanted Garden’. Serenity never misses the the class on Saturday. She loves the heart pounding, tough, endurance training of the Kickboxing class in every Saturday morning. They feel very tired but at the same time happy and satisfied.

Saturdays are the best time for Serenity to read and write her blogs, as she gets very busy in the weekdays with her office work. In the late afternoon, she and her daughter take their dog and enjoy a very long walk in the beautiful green trail.Their  eight years old German Shepard dog loves the open grass field, usually a few they pass on the sides of the trail. As they reach the dog gets her nose into a good smell, hops around, re-sniffs from different angles, then the climax: dive into the grass, rolls around throwing her whole body, wriggling  back and forth. Then she runs around with lots of excitement as she notices the squirrels chasing each others on the trees.Serenity and her daughter stand and enjoy the scene with smiles. Serenity walks into the living room, glides into the soft white color sofa, leans back more  and watches the stunning shows of ‘ Planet Earth’, shows on the stunning, fascinating national parks, cute puppies in the animal planet and a few good comedy shows.  Later in the day, she pulls her long black hair in a pigtail, wraps a soft peach color scarf  around her neck, holds her list , two big Blue cotton bags which she painted with pretty flowers on the front and goes for groceries. She rolls down the windows, enjoys the air, drives listening to the soft classical musics on the radio. She does not enjoy the grocery job but she likes to drive, walk around in the vegetable sections, check all the fresh, green items, walk to the candy and cookie isle. Also the other secret is serenity loves sweets which she is not allowed to but If she goes to the store by herself then it is easy to buy few of the forbidden items. Serenity smiles for her mischievousness.

Serenity sits on the dining chair with a cup of hot ginger tea. Like every Saturday she wants to visit the neighborhood  library to get the new books of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please and Harari’s’ A brief History of humankind’. She loves to walk in each sections of the library, standing close to the book shelves. She pulls the books one after another, flips through the pages, reads  a few pages, then decides either to bring or not. She takes her time. For her, every part of book is magic and she feels as if she is in a magic land, where all the wonderful,enticing stories pop up as she turns the pages. She comes back with a few good books. Serenity is a planner she likes to make list and check things off, get things done. She extends her right arm, pulls the small pink note pad with deep blue flowers on the sides from the table. She glances at the long list of other important things to do, scratches her finger across the pad as if to tease out a better idea than the listed ones. Serenity sighs, she has to finish them first.

Serenity walks into her study to bring her check book, pulls a chair and  sits comfortably. Today she has to send this donations to the various charity organizations. She goes through them carefully, reads about them, writes the checks and seals all the envelopes with stamps on the top.  She moves ahead with the next task. Serenity brings out a few big  brown boxes from the nicely stacked shelve from the garage, tapes one side and asks her daughter to help pulling out unused or gently used  dresses, shoes to donate to the Good- Will center. They both seal the five boxes with clothes and shoes. Her kind husband carries them to the car. Serenity with the help of her daughter stat to paint and decorate a few Easter baskets  for the city’s Annual Easter  party for the underprivileged children. She likes to make cards at home and write prayers for the cancer patients. It is almost nine thirty in the night, when she completes everything from the list. Serenity stretches her arms and stretches her back in a downward dog pose. She is happy, satisfied  and grateful for today’s activities.

Swan Song

Last Words

The world beyond the glass window is blurry. The wind shifts from South to Northeast. First it brings rain , then sleet and snow. The Primrose and Crocuses are hidden under wintry drifts, the larks are silent. Sage sits on a soft white wing chair in the study room.She rests her chin in her hand, her elbow prop on the chair’s arm and lost in her thoughts. Her thoughts shuttering through her brain like fast,frantic centipedes. The book ‘A Path Appear’ lays spread on her lap and the scarcely perceptible wind from the small opening of the window flutter its pages at interval. She has to take the important decision of her life. Sage leans back on the chair , closes the flap of the book, stretches her arms above her head and then smiles. Decision has been made.

Today is February 2025. A beautiful day. Sage leans against the window and watches the Peach hues of the sunlight,and it’s beautiful dance on the snow. She walk towards the living room, adjusts her eyeglass on her nose and sits on the black Aeron chair. She opens her I-pad. Today Sage has to write her last blog. It is really hard! She says. She squeezes her eyebrow, wiggles her fingers, looks out through the window, then slowly leans her head on the chair and thinks. It has been so many years of writing  blogs in the word press. I love expressing my feelings, ideas, emotions, voice through my writing. Everyday during the lunch break I close my office door, sit comfortably on a chair, pull my I-pad. I read the wonderful posts one after another. O’ it is so much fun, just like a kid in a candy land. Even sometimes it is hard to decide which one to read first. But I have decided to lead my life in a different way. I  should write a letter to all my friends in the Word-press, they will understand. It is really sad to part from both writing and friends. Well, I think this is life! Sage lets the tears collect on her lashes and stream down her cheeks. But she wipes them in the back of her palm. Then she, lifts the strands of stray hairs from her eyes, sits straight on chair and starts typing the letter.

Dear friends, 

This year I am retiring from work. Yes, I know that I will have more time to write, read and hike but may be not. I have joined in an international charity organization, where I will work as a volunteer to help the young children from poverty and will act as a mentor for abused girls. Because these social problems need more attention. I am going to help in providing food, teach classes, be their voice.I will try my best to give them hope and a chance to survive, to face the challenges of life. I am confident that I can do it and at the same time sad, because I may not get time to write. I want to give undivided attention to the young children to lift their spirits. All of you are so wonderful in encouraging me  and letting me enjoy your beautiful blogs. Really I am in love with your writings. I am grateful to Word-press for giving this wonderful opportunity and humble to have you as my friends. Hopefully we will meet again here is the Word press.

“When the sun says goodbye to earth, it leaves a beautiful sunset as a gift. When friends say goodbye to each other, they leave mementos of everlasting and priceless memories”.

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