A wise decision

Take Me to the Moon

Just like the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees in the spring or like a fast forward movie, Valentina’s life takes a swift turn.

It happens on a Friday evening .Valentina returns home after her last class. She walks on the side of the lawn that starts from the Iron Gate and runs towards the front door of her house for hail-a -mile, jumping over the brick wall, the rose garden to the left and all the other colorful flowers of Zinnia, white stocks, Oleanders to the right. As soon as she turns the brass knob of the door she overhears a conversation. Valentina hears her father’s voice-“Do not worry about her studies. They will permit her to finish her masters and even to continue her ambition to peruse a PhD. Let’s finalize the wedding date today.” Valentina sails into the room, leans forward a little with a conscientious expression, and then she asks,

“Who’s wedding?” Valentina’s mother shifts her weight on the sofa and begins to answer in a low, thrilling voice as if each sentence is an arrangement of organized notes and that need to be expressed quickly.

“It is about your wedding. But you do not have to worry at all. He is from a renowned family and a doctor and after your wedding you can continue your study.”

Then her mother turns her face swiftly and continues her conversation with Valentina’s father. Valentina’s lips flutter, her lips are horizontal but squeezed flat, she pushes her curly black hair behind her ear, her eyebrows lifted, says twisting the gold bracelet on her finger

But I don’t and cannot marry to this doctor; I am in love with somebody else.”

A black cloud seems to hover over and envelope everything and unhappiness and anger start to emerge like a winter wind whistling hollowly through an abandoned building. Parents do not agree of Valentina’s love to a man from a poor family or a family without any name in the society. Valentina has enough of living in a wealthy family and does not want to marry and move in-to another wealthy family. She wants to experience a different life; the reality, the ups and downs, more honesty, more love in life.

In one afternoon, just after the rain, a marvelous sun blossoms and as the puffy cloud appears in blue patches Valentina takes off her garnet bracelet, gold earrings, and silver anklets one after another and drops them gently into a hand crafted gold jewelry box in her elegant bedroom. She leaves the glass palace to marry the sweet, honest and hard -working gentle man, whom she knows for almost nine years. She manages a proud smile.