Feast for the eyes.

Lookin’ Out My Back Door

It is a morning of exquisite serenity, clear but not yet hot, there is no hint of rain today. I sit on scroll back chair in the dining room and read a new book’ A Force For Good Dalai Lama’s Vision for our world’. The morning sun spills through the kitchen windows. The sound of leaf blower in my neighbor’s yard distracts my attention. I close the book, push back the chair and walk up to the back window. The light breeze stir the soft petals of the newly planted black-eyed pansy which are planted in hand painted clay pots on the right side of the deck. The pretty pink honey-suckle and purple Clematis crawl their way up and around tightly hugging the thin wooden pole in one corner. I turn my eyes to the grass bed just below the deck and notice my nine years old brown German Shepard mix. She dives into the grass and rolls around throwing her whole body wriggling back and forth.

I smile and walk back towards the counter and pick up a small orange from the fruit  basket. I held it to my nose and breathe in. It smells of sunshine, shiny green leaves and blue cloudless sky. The brown tabby cat walks in ,rubs against my bare ankle asking for a sip of milk; not the fat-free but the delicious whole milk. Yes he has his attitude too. I pour a little whole milk into a small glass bowl and glance through the window. My husband has a very strict routine of rising in early morning before the sun rise. I see him in the back yard in the vegetable garden to the right side. He balances his weight on one knee and pat the soil into place around the delicate pumpkin vine, newly emerged from the ground. He stands up, arches his back then moves towards the okra and eggplants and slowly and carefully pours the fertilizer around the roots. We love the organic vegetables form our own garden. The smell of the boiling Darjeeling tea with ginger and cardamom on the stove gets my attention. I sail on the multi colored stone floor of the kitchen to switch off the stove. I pour the tea into two soft white cups decorated with small deep blue flowers the corners. I cover one cup and take the other cup to the dining table. I try to organize my sketches in one pile when I hear the soft bark of the dog outside in the lawn. I turn my head and brace myself at the window to check on her. She does not like any human or animal to walk closer to our front lawn or the wooden fence around the house. She runs around and barks at the strangers.

I lift my eyes to see the golden sunshine that trickle through the branches of the huge pear tree and dance on the grass and on the lilac bed and deep purple butterfly bush which is nestled in the cozy corner on the yard and are buzzing with honey bees and a very few yellow and black small butterfly. It is so lively! I lean lazily against the window and take another sip from my delicious tea and peek outside. The dog rests peacefully with her head between her paws. The cool air of the air conditioner flutter the pages of Dalai Lama’s book at intervals which lies on the dining table. I adjust my blue rimmed eye-glass on my nose and closes the book properly which is a special gift from my daughter. I wheel around and stare at the beautiful  rose bushes which are covered with pink and yellow blooms but the red one to the back corner needs more attention; more fertilizer, more water. To get a better look I put my hands on the door and lean forward. The herbs in different ceramic pots on the patio cluster next to my daughter’s favorite swing chairs. I notice my husband in the back had started watering the red, white hibiscus plants, the bright colorful Zinnias along side of the pathway. I lift my eyes to the tall pear tree where the strawberry colored Tanager and the blue bird nestle against the green leaves are a feast to the eyes. It is almost nine thirty in the morning. I twist the door knob and step out side to help my husband in watering the vegetable garden of  bush bean plants, okra, eggplants, tomatoes , yellow squash and zucchini before I leave to work.

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