Loren likes to paint her Life with beautiful colors , and to splash that to others.She looked through the big glass window , and somehow it seemed that the roads are more crowded than the other day must be  the Friday crowd. Driving back to home on Friday is a little more relaxing ,but at the same time  so many things piles up in the  to-do-list as trip to the library, working out, grocery, etc etc Close to her house Loren slowed down to buy the  weekend paper from the old man as  a token of help,  who always stands there  either it is rain ,cold or hot weather.  Slowly  Loren rolled down the window and called him,’how are you? can I have a paper please ?” “sure,” then he came swiftly to  deliver with a big smile on his face. The paper  was quite  heavy, must be the ads .She looked around to see if anything special is going on ,there it is on the big flashing sign, “Surprise your love ones  today…..”Hmm  it must be the Valentines Day coming soon. She tried to remember the days,  there was not much of gift exchange, but mostly of spending  time together or eating or going to movie. and to do what others  enjoy to do.  For Loren the word Love is very special,it is like a gentle flow of feeling  but not the material aspects linked to it, without any attachment, a very pure, sublime  form .  The shrill sound of the text  pulled her back from her thought . She looked at her text, “please   bring milk  on your way back ‘ so she turned around at the nearest grocery store. There are people standing in long line with flowers, beautifully decorated candy boxes,  heart- shaped cakes , cards full of  flowery  lines of love. Standing in that long  line  with the valentine’s day shoppers ,  she was trying to figure out a different  meaning  for  the special day.  As soon  as Loren entered  the  house,  both the dogs  came running wagging  their tails to welcome her. You can feel their love without any expectation.    Loren decided to do something different this year.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Loren walked in  to her garden to pick  some pretty roses to make couple bouquet ,with  hand crafted paper, baked delicious  heart- shaped  cookies , and wrapped them nicely.  On her list the first one was the  homeless lady who stands at a  intersection  with a board for food and waves to all the passerby with a smile.. To make a special day  for the lady, Loren drove there.  As Loren wished her  and   give her blanket with  a beautiful Red rose &   wrapped cookies ,  trying to wipe her tear the lady  came  a little more closer to hold Loren’s hand and thanked her then she said,” do you know miss this is the best Valentines gift I got after my husband passed away,” .It felt like the little things for others sometimes occupy the biggest part of their hearts . Then Loren decided to visit the  senior citizen home.  She handed our  the roses and home made cookies to them. One after another they  started giving her hugs, wishing her “Happy Valentine’s Day”. It was very  overwhelming and a long  day , but there was a felling of coziness, peace, and  satisfaction.  As the day ended, she sat down to write her daily diary and the first sentence flowed on to her page was ” Love is not about material  possession, it is more about appreciation, giving and sharing” .