An extraordinary Ruler

Festivus for the Rest of Us     You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday? What special events will take place? Describe YOU DAY in as great a detail as you can muster: the special foods we’ll consume, the decorations we’ll use…everything.

I have always dreamed of being a ruler . I loved to play the game of king; not the one who goes to war and conquers, no way but the one who always help others. Some-days  I used  to sneak into the garden, sit under big flowering trees with books on adventure of brave kings and queens. My friends and  family used to tease me for that. And today my dream has takes its wings; I am the supreme ruler of the Universe. I want to celebrate this day with others. I stand in-front of the huge mirror in my bedroom wall and glance
at my reflection; I see a good nature, kind, simple, intelligent lady stands there with lots of hope and aspiration in her brave heart to change the world. I smile, my dimples on both cheeks get deeper.

I have decided the first of December to be the main holiday of the year to celebrate the festival of me being the ruler. Winter is my favorite season and that is my birthday month. I want to start my rule with a festive, cheerful and happy mood to make everyday of the year auspicious. I want happiness,and peace everywhere among the humans, the animals and in nature. These ideas as they rise to my mind bring the warmth of sun-shine and the sweet density of honey.

‘ Madam! Are you ready?’ The deep voice comes from outside of the door.

‘ Yes.’ I said adjusting a simple pearl necklace on my neck presented by a poor boy from the street in a another country in my last visit. I have a lilac silk dress with small white laces on the neck and in the sleeve. My light black hair and dangle pearl-earnings hang nicely and frame my face. I grab a deep blue clutch from the closet and twist the brass knob to open the door. Out side of the door, my main staffs and ministers are there. The chief of the minister walk towards me and gives me in details about the people who will attend the ceremony. I walk down on the marble stone arched staircase that leads to the broad, high central hall and to  the left through a massive double door to the main room for the party. The room is lit by colored glass chandeliers, the walls are covered in Rose silk, lots of portraits. The floor is marbled and patterned, covered in rich rugs. The  cram colored sofas along the sides of the hall are large and glided. to check all the planned preparations. I stand there tilting my head slightly to check the piano at one corner of the room to make sure its right position. I turn around and walk towards the window to glance at the outside decorations; the sparkling lights, colorful balloons, streamers, balloon canopy for the kids.

I shift my gaze towards the main chef of the party and said,’ Make sure to bake more of the apple and strawberry cup cakes for the small children, do not use too much icing and no nuts. For the veggie dip use fresh chopped carrots, celery, broccoli and for the dip prepare both peanut butter and a cucumber yogurt dips. All the drinks should be prepared from fresh fruits, there should not be any artificial sweetener in them. ‘ what have you prepared for the adults?’ I ask swiping my hair from the forehead and adjusting my eyeglass. The chef walks with his note book and says,’ Stuffed mushroom with pecan, tiny tomato tarts, mustard dill Tortellini salad skewers, Rosemary Focaccia bread, Lemon basil Antipasto , Sweet potato with lemon and garlic, white chocolate cranberry Blondie, saltines Toffee barks, peppermint Biscotti and.. I look at him and say that is fine. Make sure to prepare everything according to the list and there should not be any alcohol drinks.

I walk away towards the meeting room with the chief staff to discuss about the other events. I walk around to my desk, pulling out the executive black chair, shuffle through the organized stacks of papers and pick out the important one from the desk. As I look at the paper the chief of the staff reads me the main events and my speech. I listen and nod gravely, then I say,’ The main focus of the meeting will be on the strict rules on education, poverty, slavery, women’s issue, animal and environment. So jolt down the points as I say.’ I adjust my eyeglass properly on my nose, lean back on the chair, and say, All the children will be provided with proper education, food, reading materials.There should not be any type of slavery during my ruling; no prostitution, no children in the sweat shops or agriculture, equal status and equal pay for the women and women will be given all the freedom to do what they want or wish to do.  There should not be any racism; the color of the  blood is same in every human being and it does not vary with skin color so they should be treated equally.All the animals will be protected. There should not be any cruelty towards them.We will protect our environment with all the means. So go ahead and prepare the paper as I say. And for the enjoyment  arrange a few classical music performance, dance and famous plays and  a small fire work display at the end, where both adult and kids will have a good time.’

After he leaves I sit more comfortably on the chair shifting my weight to the right. I lean forward towards the desk, rest my right cheek on the palm of my hand and glance at the picture of my parents and grand-parents. I trace their picture gently with my finger and smile. Today I  am grateful to them for teaching me to be brave and kind at the same time. I feel  focused , whole and determined about my new role as a supreme ruler.

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