After a long severe Winter of freezing rain, sleet & snow now Spring is here.  All the complaint of this year’s  Winter has come to an end.  It is like a new beginning, on  a clean slate. Flowers are budding into lush green plants. Outside of Amy’s  bed room window the chirping sounds of the birds are getting louder. Slowly she opened her eyes and  looked at the watch it is almost 6 am. time to take out the recycling bin before the pick up  truck comes.  Amy pulled the heavy bin to the  one corner of her side walk and noticed all the bins and bags outside of her neighbor’s  houses.That indicates that the sessions of Spring cleaning have started. In the weekdays she never get time to look at the lawn so she walked around  to check her  front  lawns  which is  now covered with green grass, few wild flowers here and there, squirrels are running around the trees .There is nothing like a sprinkling of blooming Primrose, harmony Iris, tulips &  the bright jovial Daffodils.  All the flowers get lots of press but the Red bud and flowering Cherry blossom offer Springtime feast for the eyes.

When Spring rolls out we  start to pick up the  slack that Winter instilled inside us of becoming sloths.  The weekends are the  perfect days for a long walk in the beautiful trail that runs at the back of her house. Amy took both the dogs with her. At the bayou she noticed the beautiful aerial acrobats & the purple martin.  Along the side of the trail on the trees there are Orioles the brightly colored song birds whom you can hear from far. Amy looked around to see  the  most highly anticipated returning migrant the ruby throated  humming bird tiny but pretty. While returning she came across one of the school where kids were practicing baseball, and soccer.

It was so refreshing and amazing  to see how the weather brings  the changes in  the day to day life  . Late in  that evening,  Amy sat down to fill up her clean slate with the extra  activities that  she wanted to start in  this season to bring more freshness in Life.