A Distinct Crowd

Grace looked at the road sign to make sure that it was the right place” 1300 Lamar St.” and then she turned into the parking garage. She was very keen about parking spots so a corner lot was better. Before turning  off the engine,  she arranged her badge, pony-tail and  took a deep breath to relax .Today is the first day of work so it is better to be ontime.. She grabbed her purse and walked towards the front entrance. The doorman opened the door for her and welcomed with a smile. As she entered the lobby, the stunning decoration caught her eye, the beautiful fresh flower arrangement and the arts on the wall. The staffs on the front desk and the concierge  waved their hands to greet  Grace looked at the direction for her office , just left to the staircase, a room with a huge glass windows and double glass doors..As she was opening the door she heard her name”Ms Grace good morning,welcome to our hotel, I am Mr Gulherme the general manager’.Grace shaked his hand with a warm smile. Later that day lots of friendly staffs stopped by to introduce themselves.

The impressive orientation meeting was all about the exceptional service to the guests, the smile, eye contact, respect,& how  each of the staff takes pride, dignity and a satisfaction in how they treat the guests.Working in a five diamond hotel  was a big challenge but Grace tried her best to satisfy the guests at every step, with her exceptional customer service. She was proud to be  a part of the exceptional team.

One day she was busy in her paper work when she heard, Ms Grace I need a big help from you “then  she  turned around to say greet the guest and was startled to see  the famous tennis player the handsome Andrea Aggasi .  It was quiet a surprise ! Later in the afternoon the whole team of basket ball players from LA Lakers. Other day she noticed a beautiful red carpet on the front door to welcome some hollywood movie stars. Only thing was that the staffs are not allowed to take any autographs from them so  you have to keep  them only in your memory .  It was fresh memories every day of the week  there in the famous Four Seasons hotel.In the thirteen long years Grace got a chance to meet famous singers like Kanye West, JayZ, 50 cent, Snoop Dog , political figures like Bush, Clinton Al Gore and in every season all the different  basketball, baseball players, famous movie artists famous golfers. All those personalities are not what the press portrays, but normal human beings like us, a little more  nice, polite & friendly.It was like a dream to see them in real eye, instead of on a TV screen.  Passing days  were more of a new challenge but to face them and overcome them was very satisfying .Grace was very proud in participating all the charitable events of the hotel in Thanks giving, Christmas holidays, also in donating school supplies to the needy students.It has been a long thirteen years in working there but  every turn brought some new and sweet memory. She was grateful to be a part of such a wonderful crowd.

Grace looked at the pictures on the wall with her various  co workers in different occasions & the  certificates , badges  for being  best.  But change is always better. She  smiled and tried to move the frames to a little higher place  to make room for the new ones.