Capturing the imagination

The Zone

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity —What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

An early Saturday morning. Ivy is up before the sunrise, eager to begin her day. She makes a cup of Darjeeling tea and carries it to her study room. She sits on her favorite grey chair, puts her arms on the armrests, presses her neck against the back of the chair and looks at the blank computer screen. She takes a sip of the tea and looks at the screen again. Ivy thinks about a topic to write and the first line to start her story. Gradually her face becomes a series of book covers which forecast her different thoughts. Ivy starts to type a few sentences, then reads, tips her head, leans back on the chair, toys with her gold chain, then re-reads and deletes. Suddenly a few new ideas flash into her mind. She smiles and the dimple on her cheek deepens. Ivy take another sip of  the delicious hot tea and brings the magic into the story. “Yes”. Says Ivy and giggles with her success.

 Around nine o’ clock in the morning, Ivy’s husband walks into the room and asks,” Are you going to make any breakfast?”

Ivy keeps typing and replies, “Give me a few more minutes and in the meantime eat a banana. Banana has lots of potassium and is healthy for you.” She turns her attention to her story.
Ivy looks out through the window. The neighbors are busy in mowing their lawns, beautifying their garden. The kids are running around with their dogs. The old lady in-front of her house is chasing her small white Shih-Tzu puppy in her lawn, trying hard to pick her but the hyper active puppy does not listen. Ivy turn her head to the other side of the road and glances at the real tall and skinny lady who is getting ready for her one hour run.

” Wow!” Ivy says and return her gaze to the screen with surprise and wonder. ” What? I have not finished my first paragraph. Let me concentrate more.” She starts typing.

Ivy sits in the fading warmth of the filtered Spring time Sun spilling through the big glass window of her study room. Her husband walks in with a bowl of cherries and leaves it on her desk. Ivy adjusts her black eye-glass on the nose, lifts her eyes and says”Thanks. I am almost done and then I will make couscous with lots of vegetables and a hint of spice, like the way you like.” Then she turns back her attention on typing. After one hour, Ivy stops writing. She stretches her arms above her head, to the back, stares at the ceiling and then looks back at her screen in the hope of being surprised by the brilliance of what is there. Ivy holds her chin between her finger and thumb and reads her story. “Hmm. O’ well it does not matter, I like it”. She says and writes for one more hour. The Tabby cat walks close to Ivy, rubs against her bare ankle and salutes with a querulous meow.The dog lays on the carpet, and looks at Ivy with the corner of her eye to get a littler attention. The cat begs for food and the dog waits for a long walk.

It is almost twelve o’ clock in the afternoon when Ivy’s phone rings. She looks at the screen with a surprise.” Why are you calling me from the living room? Is there something Important?” She asks her husband.

Ivy’s husband replies,” Lunch is ready so take a break.”

“O’ sorry. I did not see the time. Sure I will be there in five minutes.” Replies Ivy and tries to finish her second paragraph of the story.

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