Moments in Reality.



“No permanence is ours; we are a wave that flows to fit whatever from it finds”- Hemann Hesse

Grace drops down  on her knees by the neighbor’s front porch. Her eyes are wide, lips are half-opened and she makes several attempts to speak, but no words come out of her twitching lips. She bits her lips hard to contain her tears. Her thoughts, memories, ideas, emotions all float disconnected in her mind. Grace  inhales only a shallow breath and, then struggles for another. The only things left are the smoke, dust and shattered things everywhere.

Her  whole body trembles as she tries to stand. Her husband comes close to her holding tightly both the thirteen years old cat and the seven years old dog. Grace can feel their fear and anxiety on their eyes. She tips her head and looks at her husband’s  face. His forehead is shaded with a heavy cloud and, his lips  are sealed in an expression of unspeakable sadness. Both understand each other’s feelings.

‘There is nothing to bring, nothing to save‘, Grace murmurs and then closes her eyes and thinks about the precious albums, the collection of gold jewellerya few silver sets, the fashionable and expensive clothes, her  huge collection of books, I-pad. Belongings are just materials and can be replaced, but not the family, pets, friends and neighbors, which are more valuable.’ Then she sighs, and tries to hold all the memories as tight as she can. She lets the tear collects on her lashes and stream down on her cheeks.

Grace turns her head to the right and sees that one of the neighbor comes with her phone and hands it out to Grace and says,’ I think it is for you, honey.’Grace reaches out for the phone and brings it close to her right ear. “Hello!’

” Mom,mom are you ok? Somebody called me about the house fire. How is dad? Are both the pets with you?”

“I understand mom, you don’t need to say but  do not worry, we are all together. Everything will be fine, and I will be there in the next flight. Mom does you remember, how you always say that material things are not that important in life than a relationship. You, dad and the pets are safe and I will be with you soon and together we will make new memories and cherish the old ones, and let me talk to dad. Is he there?’ Grace turns towards her husband and gives him the phone. She walks slowly to one corner of the lawn, leans against a tree and wipes her tears. Grace stands still in a determination to face the life and take as it comes.

When we least expect life sets us a challenge to test our courage.The challenge will not wait.  Life does not look back so we have to move forward and face the challenge.