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We Can Be Taught!

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. Albert Einstein

Today is that exciting Sunday again. A day when Iris loves to see the long line of people in-front of  her grandmother’s house. They are small kids like her, older people, and women of different ages. Iris eats her breakfast and runs downstairs. She tries her best to open the front door with one hand then she uses both of her hands to twist the knob. She succeeds and steps outside. It is a beautiful morning and the long line of people. She moves her bangs from her forehead and looks around. Grad-mother is late today. May be she is real busy in her prayer, Iris thinks. She waits. Then she  wanders on the marble floor in circles,looks towards the door for grand ma and leans against the big white stone pillar. She counts in her little fingers that it is almost five circles and it means  today she has to help grand-mother. I think she will like it. Iris enters to the first room and peeks inside, grandfather is not there. She pulls the chair close to the table and tries to bring a few coins to fill both  of the dress pockets. Then she walks to the store-room through the long hall. She stands on a stool to open the knob of the pantry door. she looks around and then pulls one bog bowl and fills up with raw rice and lentils ias much as her small hands can hold. Iris climbs down the stairs slowly balancing the bowl and the coins and walks towards the big iron gate. The guards are surprise to see her but keep  quiet as she is the eldest and the favorite of the house. Iris smiles like her grandma does  and starts to give coins and rice with lentils to the people in the line. She loves to see the big smile on their sad faces. After twenty minutes she runs inside the house to check on her grand mother. Grand mother is medium height , wears a cream color silk saree with  a wide pink decorated boarder, long gold chain, gold bangles. She  hears from the guards about the Iris. She pulls Iris close and hugs. She holds her close and says ” you are doing a good job , always take care of the people in need, give them what is available ,do not let them go empty-handed and I am glad that you helped me today”. Every night in bed Iris loves to hear the different stories from her grand-mother about courageous, generous, kings and queens: their kindness, their adventures, some stories related to her culture, tradition. Iris closes her eyes and dreams that she is a famous brave queen and helps the poor and needy. She thinks her grand mother is the best teacher.

Some days Iris does not like to finish the long school projects but her mother always make sure to do everything on-time. She asks Iris to sit close to her on a chair while she cooks, then checks her math, spellings and reminds her to be always  honest and respectable to the teachers and friends in the school. Iris loves to see how her father sits on his chair in his study, pulls his notebooks and writes for hours in every night. Some days he talks to her mother about his published books, his speeches in the different meetings and his awards. Iris wants to be creative like her dad. So in the weekends, Iris takes her big, fat note-book to the garden, sits close to the big flowering trees and writes stories with pictures. She leans against the tree trunk, runs her small finger on the notes and thinks, I will be a writer like dad and he will love it. Also I want to be a artists like my aunts. Iris loves her school in the university campus. She tips her head and thinks about all the teachers; Her History teacher, her English teacher, Science teacher from the high school, then most of the professors in the university.They always motivate, build confidence, raise expectations, inspire for achievements and very helpful. They are firm but polite, humble, dedicate, very organized and always fair.

During her masters in Psychology Iris weds her loving husband. They move to USA as students. The other day Iris remembers vividly. Her first presentation in one of the class in the university in Iowa. She was nervous and shy. She went almost three times to the rest room before the class started. Her husband was supposed to be in his work but he showed up. He assured her, made her believe that her presentation will be the best. Iris was determined, she opened the class room door and stepped in. She was the first one to present my paper. And miracle happened. Everybody liked her presentation.  Iris is grateful to her husband for giving her the confidence to face the challenge.

Iris buries her head deeper under her pillow. The brightness of the sunlight tries to crash through her sealed eyelids. She wants to lay in the bed. Her daughter walks in.” Mom! Mom! wake up. It is almost seven. We have to go to the gym and then after breakfast you can start  writing your blog.”

Iris closes her eyes tightly, covers her face and says, “Not today. I do not know if I write well and the other bloggers enjoy  my blog or not . So I will skip it and just read their blogs. But we will certainly go to gym.” Her daughter comes closer to the bed, and says,” Mom, you are doing fine. Do not give up. Just continue writing”. Iris smiles and opens her eyes. She loves when her daughter teaches her meaningful things of life as her parents, grand parents, school teachers and all the famous people from History.

We have teachers in the various stages and in different circumstances of life who make our life rich with their wonderful teachings. images (7)