In a subtle-dimention

Super Sensitive—  If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

An early morning in June, clear but not yet hot, the air rich with scent of the warming earth. Celeste stands leaning against the big white pillar on her front porch and reads an article on the fresh crisp Sunday newspaper. She does not want to stay in the living room or in the study or in the dining but in the front. Because her front garden is a show stopper with the gorgeous flowers of Dianthus, Gardenia, Nicotiana, Garden Phlox and the rose bushes in different shades of pink, yellow and red. The iron post next to her front door is covered by a honey suckle vine releasing a very powerful and sweet smell. Drawing in a deeply scented breath she feels an awe for the delicate, gentle beauties of the flowers.

Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed”. ~Walt Whitman

Celeste loves nature and its beauty.She decides to share that privilege with the people who need eyesight. So last time in her driver’s license renewal she signed up for the eye donation.

Aside from gardening, reading and writing her other indulgence is her taste-bud. Celeste loves sweets; like bees to honey.The other day after her last trip from India, in the doctor’s office suddenly it seemed very quiet and it was so quiet that the silence actually hummed. She remembers that in her trip, she visited most of her relatives and friends. Their surprise and happiness reflected in delightful ways; lots of hugs, tea and delicious different types of sweets. Celeste did not hesitate at all to eat. She eat them all one after another. And the result; the sudden blast of calorie. Dr Biscett read and re-read Celeste’s blood test report and looked at her then sighed. ” I have to tell you something which you may not like. I know, that you go to work out regularly, eat health foods but this report is very loud.”

O’ no. Celeste says adjusting her eyeglass. ” Is it very bad? Please go on I am ready to hear”.

“It is about your sugar level. You need to keep it down. We will schedule for another test in three months to check otherwise I have to prescribe a medicine.”

So Celeste has decided to control her taste bud and to limit her sweet indulgence, even she is ready to give up the sweet. It is not that easy! During the visit to the grocery store the beautifully decorated sweets from the different shelves of the bakery department stare at her from the corner of their eyes, wink at her, invite her and even sometimes beg her to take home. Celeste shields her eyes with her hand and walks away from the aisles. Really it is very hard but Celeste is determined, cold as a steel.

Another beautiful morning. Rain has decided to take a break and a marvelous sun has blossomed. In the wood-floored hall, Celeste  approaches the piano from a angle and sits on the bench, bends over, head characteristically suspends just above the keys as she plays a famous piano  piece Gymnopedie. Suddenly she stops playing. She runs in winged steps to get her cell-phone and calls her son. The phone rings but there is no answer so she tries again and again.Her heart is pounding at a frantic tempo and her sixth sense gets stronger and stronger. Her thoughts are shuttling through her brain like fast, frantic centipedes. Something has happened! Celeste gasps. she tries to catch and pin-down her thoughts. She walks around the house, then opens the back door and meanders in the garden .What is wrong with me? May be I should meditate a little more to get positive vibes. She thinks.She can hardly sit still. Then the phone rings and she answers”Yes this is she. What? When? Where? O’ No! Yes officer I will be right there.” Celeste’s son is in a car accident. Celeste sits a ambulance besides her son and thinks, it is really a blessing to have the sixth sense.

Monday morning. During the office meeting Celeste tries hard to sit still. She keeps fidgeting crossing one leg and then the other.Random thoughts march in her mind.This time all her thoughts are of her mother. She lives in a huge house all by herself back in India. Sometimes she does not want to share her troubles. After the meeting Celeste marches into her office room, closes the door and sits on a chair. She leans back, trails her long index finger across her hair and cups her chin in the other hand. She picks up the phone and decides to call her mother to check on her. ” This is Celeste. How are you mom?Why do you sound so weak? Are you ok?Really? Listen sit in one place mom, do not move and I will call somebody to help you.” Celeste hangs the phone and calls one of her cousin who lives in the same city to help her mother. Celeste is grateful to have her powerful sixth sense. She may not save the whole world but at least she can save a few lives.