Devoted to both worlds

Morton’s Fork

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Today during the lunch break Faith decides to write her daily prompt. She closes the solid wood door  gently from the inside of her office room, pulls the soft beige color leather chair and sits comfortably. Then she opens the laptop to checks the daily prompt. She reads and reread, then leans back on the chair. Her eyes get a little bigger and, she slides her fingers through her hair as she concentrates on the prompt.’ Today the prompt seems more intellectually stimulating and challenging’ she murmurs.


This logical dilemma reminds Faith of the French Philosopher Jean Buridan’s paradox of’ Buridan’s ass’, where a donkey is placed in a hypothetical situation to choose between two  equally big delicious stacks of hay. He can not decide which hay to eat and starves to death.


Faith  has to choose between reading and writing and she loves both of them equally.  She remembers that her reading started  in very early childhood. Her grandfather used to own a bookstore and a printing press, grand mother used to write children’s stories, and dad was a very famous writer. Memory flashes back in her mind.  She closes her eyes and sees the  real young Faith. She walks up on winding the staircase  to the third floor with her tiny feet, stands  against the white wall to catch her breath because those are lots of steps for her. She moves her bang from her forehead with one hand and, with the other hand tries to open the big beautifully carved  double wood doors. Faith steppes into a huge storage like hall with  cream color stone floors, big paintings on the wall and beautiful carved vines on the top boarders. But she looks at the pile of books; on the floor, on the shelves, on the coffee table, everywhere. That room was Faith’s most favorite place. She sits there and looks at the beautiful cover on the books, even some with lots of pictures, then to turns the pages slowly, feels the letters. The feeling was so wonderful as if she was in heaven. She starts to learn reading. The best part comes after Faith finishes her homework and in the weekends . She hides in the pile of books and reads one after another book and experiences the beautiful adventure, dreams, wonderful places.

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 Faith gets a brilliant idea  to express her thoughts, feelings and, imagination in a creative ways through writing blogs and short stories. Writing is very meditative and calming and helps her to keep  peace in everyday life. Faith turns her head towards the table and reaches out to bring the  peach color notepad with green and red flowers on the corners and lifts the top flap of the note pad. It has been scribbled  beautifully with articulate, chatty, crisp and declamatory ideas, story plots and sentences. She slides her fingers, turns the pages slowly. She glances at her posts and thinks how each of her creations always  bring  a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and give her a chance to share her imagination, believes,  thoughts, voice and ideas with other people.

If my doctor told me  I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.” Issac Asimov.

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Faith sinks back again on the chair, plays with her stray hairs with her finger and, thinks  deeply on this dilemma. She does not want to be like the donkey of Buridan’s paradox. She has to decide. Because both reading and writing are co-related. Reading comes first before writing. And she loves reading other’ blogs, travelling through their imagination and experience, connecting with them and leaving appreciative notes. She tips her head to  one side, looks up to the ceiling, looks through the glass window then decides that it will be much better to read all of her friend’s blog post and may be later start writing again.