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Red Pill, Blue Pill     If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

Daisy sits on a wooden chair in a room with pale white walls patterned with light blue lines waiting for the doctor. She leans back on the chair and glances around to see the different colorful posters on nutrition and diet on the wall. But Daisy can hardly sit still. She keeps fidgeting, crossing one leg and then the other. It is hard to wait on important matters.The doctor walks in with a big smile as usual and looks at Daisy’s report. Daisy is very familiar with that smile. She sits straight, adjust her eyeglass on her nose and gets ready for the wonderful news. It feels same as the days she used to get the report cards in school; a burst of fire works. The doctor lifts her eyes from the report and says,” Everything looks fine but your cholesterol is a bit high, blood pressure is fine. You need to fix that by…”

“Sorry doctor I have to interrupt. Please do not mind.” Says Daisy with a nervous tone. Her carefully tended eyebrows draws together. She tries to explain her side of the story. ” I know the reason of the high cholesterol. It happened in my visit to India. All the delicious foods and the sweets that I eat. Really I did not want to and also it is very rude to say no. It is also very true that I do not like or want any type of medicines. On the other hand I will figure out something else like increase my work out routine and use my food journal.” Daisy’s voice matches her eyes.

The doctor laughs and says,”Sure. That is the right way to do it. But I will see you in three months.”

“Thank you doctor.” Daisy says with a very small smile. She twists the polished brass knob and steps outside.

Daisy drives back home. Diet is the last thing she wants. Exercise to the extreme is fine with her but restriction on the food! She has to figure out something.

Daisy wishes to take a magic pill with all the nutrition in it, so that she does not have to cook. Hmm, that sounds really great. She smiles tipping her head back slightly. She slides into the soft white sofa, laces her finger together in her lap and plans on the exciting ideas of spending her day. In the early morning before six, she can do her yoga, read a few chapters from her favorite books and get ready for work. During the lunch break at work, she can spend in reading the interesting articles of the other bloggers and the articles on creative writing. In the evening she will enjoy her kick boxing class or the body combat class to the full extent. In the weekends daisy and her husband will sit in the living room and she will read to her husband  the wonderful and lovely poems’ As I Ponder’d in Silence’ of Walt Whitman, ‘Daffodil’  of William Wordsworth, ‘The Road not taken’ of Robert Frost, ‘Phenomenal Woman’ and ‘Still I Rise’  of Maya Angelou or ‘Ode to Autumn’ of Keats. Hopefully her husband will enjoy otherwise he may interrupt her  and start telling her in depth the new discoveries in Science and electronics. Before bed the pages of Daisy’s personal journal and blog will flap their beautiful wings, ready to fly. 

“Wow!” It sounds so wonderful. Daisy breaks into a lovely peal of laughter as she leaps to the kitchen for a snack. She brushes a loose strands of hair behind her ear, stands close to the white double door refrigerator, and sighs. The Pill will not satisfy her taste buds. She wants all the five flavors of her Indian food; vegetable soup is fine but it has to have a dash of Sambar powder, different lentils will work as long as she uses some spices and they are full of protein. Broccoli and asparagus will be easy to cook with a little soy sauce on the top. In the evening green-tea may work but Daisy needs her  favorite cup of  Darjeeling tea in the morning with ginger and cardamom. Daisy turns her head and looks at the big white beautifully decorated box, which is  full with Bengali sweets lying on the counter that her mom has brought all the way from India.She has to control her desire which is really really hard when it comes to sweets. 

Daisy stands in the kitchen in the fading warmth of the filtered afternoon sun spilling through the kitchen. One hand relaxes on the counter and the other cups her chin. She is in a dilemma. She walks to stand by the large bay window that looks out to the garden of pomegranate, pear, orange, and the strawberry result of her husband’s hard work. Daisy decides to increase her intake of fruit and vegetables with more intense workout routine.

But the pills are not the best idea.The chemicals in the pill will bring more side effects on her body. Leafing carefully through the idea of taking pills from different angles finally Daisy decides not to take the pills. She wants to eat healthy and workout more for a better life.

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