A kind Heart.

Last night Anna tried her best, but could not sleep. Through out the night there was  continuous lightning, thunder and the violent gust of wind, and heavy rain.Towards the early morning the rain stopped,wind has calmed down a lot . Anna climbed down from the bed, wrapped the blue shawl over her bare shoulder  and went straight to the bedroom window . She parted the curtain slowly but it was a little hazy because of the moisture, so she wiped the glass window to peek through. She could not believe at the amount of debris,- broken tree branches, shattered glasses, the mail box has fallen down, the pretty water fountain for the birds was lying half-broken on the grass.It was hard to see all these devastation.  It felt like yesterday.

Anna was talking to her mother about her beautification projects for the garden and how she wanted a few more different rose bushes, Chrysanthe mums, a  beautiful Cherry tree, a water fountain for the birds, etc. etc..Next morning as soon as  she opened the back door to go to  the lawn, she found a wrapped gift with a Mother’s day card. Her ten years old son Nick  tried his best to make a bird fountain as a gift. Nick  helped  Anna in all her gardening  projects. He was a very loving  and kind. He always tried to give a helping hand to the neighbors,friends, strangers. He was a bright kid, and patriotic. After the under-graduation he decided to join the army which  was opposed by Anna and her husband Jim, they persuaded Nick to continue the study and may get involve in a charity organization. But Nick was determined to serve the country, to join in the army. Before he left he brought a Cherry blossom tree  for the garden and promised, that’ he  will be back to see the first flowers’. After six months they received the news of Nick.

The life stood still for Anna. The pangs of separation were unbearable. She cried day and night, blamed the almighty,even begged Him to return her son. Every day  she  has been going to the cemetery to sit and chat ,even try to hug him as if nothing has happened. Gradually Anna and Jim decided to give their son the beautiful gifts by helping the veterans. Every Memorial day they have organized a 5k run to , a bake sale to donate fund to the hospitalized veterans.  They even give free food to the homeless veterans .

The storm has subsided completely. Anna ran to the lawn to bring the water fountain inside to fix and handed over to Jim. Then  she looked around to check the Cherry blossom tree which has bowed down a little, but survived the strong wind. Anna and Jim tried to keep the tree straight with a wooden pole. Both of them  stood there and looked at the overwhelmingly beautiful pinkish flowers of the tree. Anna wiped her tears and picked up a few flowers for Nick, and told to Jim that ” Nick will be so so  happy”.

On Memorial days  we do parties,  cookouts,concerts  with family members and friends, but let us not forget to salute the brave soldiers who sacrifices their lives to protect the freedom, to protect us.