Behind a notable Cause

Blogger With a Cause

If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

Petal opens her eyes. She glances at the pink of the new day seeping through the white curtains. She turns her head slightly to the right and looks at the antique pink-and green enameled clock on chubby gold legs on the night stand. It is almost six thirty in the morning. She sits on the bed, stretches her arms above her head, to the back with a smile to greet another beautiful day. Petal opens the bed room door and creeps into the hallway. She walks on the soft carpet of the living room, opens the blinds on the windows and walks into the kitchen to feed both the cat and the dog. Something is different today, she murmurs. Petal skids to halt, stands in one place and looks around. Wow! She walks closer to the mauve granite kitchen counter. There on the top sits her favorite white tea-cup with green tea and a plate of thinly sliced fruits on a plate. She bends down to smell the tea. Petal wonders about the pets because usually they follow her into the kitchen but today they sit in their own bed. The tabby cat purrs a little, cleans her paws and looks at her in half closed eyes. The dog lays on her soft bed and wiggles her long tail. Petal opens the back door and walks on the deck with her tea-cup.” Good morning!”  Her husband says from the vegetable garden.

” Good morning and thanks for the delicious tea.”  Says Petal with a  smile.Joy flashes into her heart. Today she has the no more work in the house because her husband has taken care of everything. It must be a lucky day!

Around ten in the morning, after her work out , Petal sits on a chair in the study, pulls over her note pad and scribbles the sparkling ideas for the day. She bakes some lemon scented blueberry cupcakes. The cup cakes in the oven rises, the scent tingled with vanilla and lemon travels across the kitchen in soft, heavy waves. Petal arranges them nicely on a big hand weaved basket and tops with  crunchy almonds. Petal drives to Hope Stone to drop the muffins and to volunteer in teaching yoga classes  for the first part of the day. After the class she mingles and talks to a few teenagers. If you care for them then they open their heart to you. Then she stops by at the Kid’s meal to help preparing meals until the evening. Petal  concentrates in cutting the vegetables for the dinner. Her fingers deftly flickers over a cucumber, peeling with a knife. She stops, tilts her head slowly and peers over the rim of her spectacle at the small boy standing in the farthest corner of the kitchen. He waves his hand, smiles and says” It is so nice to see you here after a long time. Then he walks closer to Petal and asks, ” Do you remember about the board game that you played with us in your last visit?”

Petal tries to remember and says,” Yes I do. And you won the game. It is so nice to see you. After dinner I will ask permission to play some board game and we will have lots of fun.”

The young boy hugs petals and says, “Thank You.”