Sweet Surprise.

Fool Me Once

Today is  the 1st of April, a beautiful Wednesday morning. Ava is in a hurry to go to work. Before she leaves she turns around, leans against the back door and checks the daily prompt posts in her cell phone. She  checks the prompt, tries to see the posts but it says zero responses. Really! Something is wrong, she says. Hmm’ may be it is the Wi-Fi connection. Then she goes back to the prompt but do not see any posts. Ava tilts her head,removes the bangs from her eyes and glances at the screen. Now It is really creepy. where are the posts?? Where are all the wonderful writers, my friend bloggers?? It is almost eight fifteen so Ava leaves. It takes her almost one hour to reach at the university where she works. She tries to concentrate in the driving and to be in the moment which she has been practicing for some months now. Even the beautiful sky can not divert her thoughts.The only thing that flashes in her mind is about the zero posts. Ava is surprised to see the enormous power of WordPress on her mind. Wow! She says.

Around 1 Pm in the afternoon Ava gets ready for her lunch break. Today she is not hungry at all. She closes the glass door from inside, sits on her Atlantic blue office chair. Ava lifts the phone and checks the daily prompt post. She leans back more to the back of the chair, moves her feet together, shifts her weight. A wonderful idea floats in her mind. She decides to click the Reader in the WordPress and read the beautiful new poems of John Coyote or posts of Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss, interesting story of just writing, life lessons of Judy and stories of It is all finding the right words. Suspense builds up heavily. She widens the screen of the phone to glance at all the bloggers’ faces,their posts and make sure they are doing fine. Ava extends her finger and slowly clicks the Reader. She reads all the posts. Suddenly her eyes get bigger, brighter and a rich smile starts to play on her lips. Ava turns her head and looks at the calender.Today is April Fools Day and she is surprisingly fooled by Word Press. Ava gives a twinkling laugh.

April fool       Aapril fool