So It Goes

Ha Ha Ha

The year nineteen eighty-two. Twenty years old Skylar, a psychology student in the masters program, was newly married and moved into her in-law’s house. She was from a very big city. After marriage for the first time she experienced life in a differently. At that time,there was no restroom inside the house, so one has to walk to the backyard to use the restroom.  It was almost eight in the night. Skylar finished the dinner and wanted to use the restroom. She opened the back door slowly and  looked around. There were lots of tall trees and bushes like the dense forest she had seen in the scary movies. The still air bustling with Summer life. Somewhere the owl hooted softly. A rabbit bolted out of a thicket and halfway across her path, then realized his mistake and zoomed back into the undergrowth. She stood close to the door, slightly to the right a little closer to the honey-suckle vine which crawled its way up and around covering the wooden fence. She tried to figure out a way to see the rest room in the dark. There was no electricity so either you have to take a candle or a flash light with you. She had a small flash light with real low batteries so it was hard to see.

Then suddenly a really intelligent story flashed into her mind about the poisonous snake. If the snake bites you, then your  body magically lifts up to the air to the top of the tree. Skylar lifted her eyes and glanced at the tall trees. She sighed. She lingered to rest, drew in a few more breath of the soft, sweet air. But she did not want to take a chance. she leaned against the hard wood door,  and had  some serious thoughts about the consequences of the action;  First, if  the snake bites then no body will trace her body in these dense forest. Secondly, this was her second day of marriage and she wanted to learn a lots of things about her loving husband,his caring family and about the village. Third point was she wanted read a lots of famous novels, see the world, help other people and continue her study. So she decided not to use the rest room, so she  spun around,closed the door and walked back to her room. She could not sleep and waited for her husband to return. Her husband returned home around ten in the night. He did not understand the reason for holding back to use the rest room. He did not say anything. He accompanied Skylar to the rest room and heard the wonderful story about the poisonous snake on their way back. Next day it was a humorous discussion in the whole family and among the neighbors about the funny girl and her story  who moved from the big city.