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Fast food is about as America as apple pie for McDonald. A recent survey shows that 50 million American eat fast food in a everyday basis. That means it is a big profit for the owners of those fast food restaurants. What about the employees who do those hard works to make the consumers happy,satisfied and even make them come back again. Now a days with the minimum wage one can not afford to pay bills pay rent and buy food. Pay checks are beginning to rise. Earlier this year Walmart raise its pay to $9.00 an hour, then Target and T.J Max matched. Now the McDonald employees protested to raise their pay.

On Wednesday there was an announcement that McDonald is going to raise the minimum wages and offer benefits to 90,000 employees in the 1,500 outlets in America responding to the tighter job market and labor campaign which is drawing public attention. Executive turnovers and  a year of declining sales show that McDonald had a tough time but now they do not have a choice. It had a reputation of paying its employees so little that many employees hover barely above the poverty lines.

Mc Donald will increase wages to at least $1.00 over the local minimum wage for workers in restaurants to a $9.90 an hour by July 1st. Employees who have worked more than a year will also be eligible for paid time off whether it is full-time or part-time worker.

Mc Donald will also expand a program to intend to help the employees of both its own and those operated by franchisees to take online classes towards earning high school  diplomas or English as a second language. The company will cover the costs as well as assist employees with college tuition.

It is a bold step for Steve Easter brook, the chief financial executive of McDonald. But  this wage increase will fall short of the hourly rate the activists have been demanding. For example one employee said that he earns $9 an hour as a full -time and he does the job of three people and it is not enough for him to take care of his house, bills and family. So this raise is a joke for him.

Bulk of workers will not benefit from this raise. Because Mc Donald itself only owns 10% of 15,000 in U.S.A. The rest of 90% are operated by individual franchise. The workers at those restaurants will not see a wage raise.Even these benefits and rate adjustments will still leave the employees in poverty lines.

The service employee International Union has been spending millions on a campaign to organize McDonald’s employees for higher wages up to $ 15 an hour. They plan to hold and array of protest rallies in April 15th across the country.

Hopefully the outcome of the rally will bring lots of  happiness and satisfaction to million hearts.