A Special Season.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Getting Seasonal”


Christmas is a time when our mind and hearts are surrounded by the beauty. There is a delightful feeling which captivates our imagination.Christmas is a state of mind.

Many times people become overwhelmed by the season, this is one of the season that I look forward to each year. It is a unique holiday and each year it brings special memories. I love the whole month of December it is like a quilt with snow, my birthday, time of the fullest and fresh flow of thoughts , bright ideas and then the wonderful spirit of Christmas.

I make  a nice cup of ginger tea and walk to the back porch with the book ‘ The Art of  Waiting’. The white fluffy clouds glide across the pale blue sky, the sun has awakened but lazily emerging from the sky. The pure and fresh air brushes across my face like a veil, sweet ans delightful. I move my eyes from the book and  look around to see the beautiful dance of  Daisy, Lily and carnation on the porch. The two Poinsettia in the flower pots make a big statement with gorgeous red leaves.The pines lying on the grass looks like a scene from a Christmas card. The blue sky turns a little grey. The breeze comes through the branches of the trees, turning up the silver undersides of the young leaves, and brings goosebumps as it go around me. Then I adjust my glass, look up  and around to see a sudden change. The white, silvery snow floats down from  a light  cloud filled sky soundless setting on the roofs, tree branches, ground.  Joy flash into my heart and light it up. O’ really I  love the snow. I want to express  all  the wonderful reasons of my love for this season.

Imagine the soft fall of snow with real cold breeze and a chill in the air as if the earth is preparing for a new life. During the month of  December  everywhere one can hear  the beautiful Christmas music-in  the radio, in the store, in the television. My favorite list is ‘Let it snow’, ‘Silver Bells’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘ Jingle Bell’. I love the beautiful, colorful decorations – the classy makeover of the house and the front yards like a winter wonderland. I enjoy burning the Bayberry candle in my kitchen and study rooms. The beautiful aroma of cinnamon sticks  infused with pine cones in bags or the wonderful flavor of cinnamon sticks in mulled cider, or the steamy mug of peppermint tea! The Christmas dinner with friends and  family displaying the bond,the care, the love for each other.Mostly it makes worthy when I dedicate some of  my time in the local women’s shelter, in the soup kitchen and sending care boxes for the overseas soldiers.

The spirit of Christmas brings within us  the virtuous elements of humanity, kindness, caring, compassion and giving. Culture and tradition often hold special meaning for us because such events trigger memories and a sense of belonging within a certain society.

‘ Blend equal parts of Faith and Hope, mix well with Charity

Stir in Good will and sweet contents, precious memories, kindness, joy and gratitude.

Then drop love’s sweet essence, add spices rare as Laughter, Smile and Fun.‘ – By Easter Lloyd Dauber.


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