My tagline


“When we grow old, there can only be one regret not to have given enough of ourselves.” ~Eleonora Duse

It is a morning of exquisite serenity. I sit on the Jordan Blue Damask chair in my study and reading the Daily prompt. I prop my chin on one hand and trail my long index finger across my lips thinking about the tagline. It is appropriate to give tag lines when I give interview for jobs but for myself in the blog? Hmm’.  
My blog posts reveal a lot about my thoughts, my intentions and my character so 
 I think my tagline will be either ‘Passion with Purpose‘ or ‘ Stories of Hope- infused with love and compassion.’

10 thoughts on “My tagline

  1. myrapawleys says:

    I love all your posts! You girls encourage me so much! I’m beginning to feel like I have two pen pals-know what I mean? Thanks:)


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