One Summer Morning


One bright summer morning. Through the small opening of the thick bamboo blind of the kitchen window I glance outside. The woman of the yellow house to the front and her English Mastiff dog return from their morning walk. She stops close to the curb and wipes the sweat from her forehead with a small  towel. The dog sits there with his mouth open and tongue out.It must be hot! I squeeze my head a little further. The two fat squirrels play hide and seek around the Crape Myrtle tree in one of the neighbor’s yard. All the new exciting mornings! The promise of them,a blank slate and a chance.I walk through the slightly opened  back door and  sit on the wooden porch. The crowded roses to the right are hotly odorous. A faint rustling breeze among the foliage of the tree is shifting pale-gold patches of sunlight back and forth over my tawny body. My eyes follow the flying birds across the sky until it is hard to trace any more. I lay there and enjoy the quiet morning before the lawn mowers start in all the lawns in different intervals.

A familiar voice comes from inside of the house. “ Let’s go”. This is a very magical word when it comes from my mother like water bright Soprano in a choir then I know that it is  special. So I raise my head, perk up my small ears, straight the back and run towards the door. Delight blooms on my face.

My mom walks to the garage and opens the door of the suv. “Yeh!” I bark softly,wag my long busy tail and jump to the back seat. I feel my breathing quickens as if there is not enough air inside the suv and search for oxygen, like the crew of a doomed submarine. My mom switches the Moth station in the radio and starts the engine. As the suv rolls, I snuggle close to the window and glance at everything; different types of people in different shape of cars, the older man selling newspaper on the sidewalk, a few young boys and girls on their bikes with their parents, new moms jogging with the babies in the strollers. As we drive on the long highway I see only cars, trucks, eighteen wheelers and big trees along the sides of the roads.

After a while we stop in front of a big white building. I jump down from the seat to the pavement and look closely to the building. It seems so familiar. Wait a minute.I look up towards my mom and then back to the building. No, really! My mom turns the black knob of the door in one hand and holds my leash on the other. We walk in. Inside there are some parents sit on a long wooden bench with their dogs and waiting patiently. Some of the dogs are squeaking, some are barking and some are ready to go.  We sit on one chair to the left of the front desk. My mom talks to me and flips through a magazine. After a few minutes a woman in a white jacket and a blue pant calls my name. Now I remember everything. As soon as we enter the room I start to pull the leash. My heart beats like a hammer. Fear curtains my small face Both my ears and tail are down. I do not like strangers to touch me. I feel so nervous that I start to bump myself into the glass windows of the room. I want to get out from here. My mom says warmly, “ Lucy, come, sit with me. You will be fine, come.” She pulls out a treat from her hand bag to calm me but I do not want to eat anything. I want to go home. My body starts to shake from fear. I move closer to my mother and glance at her face. At home she understands everything that I express through my eyes but today she is different. She pretends not to. Then the door opens and the woman doctor walks in. I lick her hand. “ Mom! Please let’s go. The door is open and our last chance to escape.”  But today she is very stubborn. The nurse holds me tight, my mom pats my head lovingly while the doctor checks. It takes a few minutes but for me it is really a long time.

On the way back I climb to the seat and just lay down there. I do not want to see anything, nothing at all. I do not care any more. It is a very hard day for me so I close my eyes and sleep until we reach home.


2 thoughts on “One Summer Morning

  1. littledogslaughed says:

    Poor thing-I have had dogs who no matter what just did not like going to the vet. Right now, fortunately, all three seem to enjoy it-they lots of attention (in between the pokes and prods) and of course, a cookie or two. Me? I can look forward to a quiet rest of the day while everyone recovers 😉


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