It is almost ten forty-five in the night. The house is still alive with chatters, giggles and the sound of dishes.  After dinner, five years old Elena quietly escapes to a room in the second floor of the house. It is a very cozy and relaxing room; white walls that are covered with hand painted borders, a renaissance book-case of an ancient oak full with her favorite story books. On the wall a few of her aunt’s beautiful painting of landscape, paintings of famous faces and different scenes from nature. She sits on the floor leaning against the bed . On her lap there is an opened book with the  picture of two small kids and a fairy sitting on a wooden chair. The kids are Molly and Peter on the wishing chair and the glossy pages are full with the pictures of  their adventures.The book is called ‘ The Adventure of  Wishing Chair’. Elena slid into the books like a seal into water. For her every part of a book is magic and what delight her in the most are the beautiful descriptions and the various wonderful pictures of an adventure. She is fighting hard with a plastic ruler and trying her best to escape the giant when the door of her room opens with a soft click. Elena loosens her grip on the ruler.

“Elena, What are you doing here? It is getting late, so let’s go to the swing bed where all the other kids are waiting.” Her aunt says while looking at the big mirror at the back of the door. She stands there adjusts her side bangs, smiles warmly then leaves the room. She is Grace, Elena’s father’s youngest sister. Her favorite thing is sketching, drawing, singing and looking at her own face on the mirror. Everybody in the house loves her. Grace knows how to take care of others in the big family.

Elena slides the ruler inside the book , closes it properly. I wish I can finish the fight and fly on the wishing chair with Molly and Peter. May be tomorrow. See you Molly, take care. She whispers closing the door from the front.

The swing cedar bed is inside the open hall in the second floor of the house. It has rails on both sides and in the back with a huge thick mattress in the middle. It is hung from the ceiling with four steel rods attached to the ceiling hooks. The mattress has a white sheet on the top with blue colored  flowers all over it. The color of the sheet is almost like the color of the sky on a crisp, clear day. Every night after dinner aunt Grace takes all the small kids of the house to the swing bed and sings different songs until the children fall asleep. It takes from fifteen minute to half an hour.

As Elena approaches the bed she finds all her three small cousins there on their favorite areas of the bed. She moves to her side of the bed. The hall is dark but if you tilt your head to the right, you can see the outside sky through an open window. In the night sky there is the beautiful bright full moon,the twinkling stars and the heavily Jasmine scented breeze. Aunt Grace settles herself gingerly on the thick cushion to the front of the swing. The swing goes higher and higher in the air, mingling with her melodious, angelic voice as if to touch white ceiling on the top and then to touch the moon in the sky. After the third song Elena glances at her cousins through the fingers of her right hand while she adjusts the pillow.They are all asleep. Aunt Grace slowly stops the swing while adjusting the lilac colored scarf on her shoulder and is ready to go to her room, then she stops. She arches her eyebrows. Elena raises sharply her simple face.

“ Aunt Grace, will you sing one more song? Your voice is so vibrant and sweet that it is hard to fall asleep. One more please!”

Aunt Grace opens her mouth then closes. A small pause.A concerned look.Then Elena hears an unpleasant tone. “ Sorry Elena, not now. I have to finish my research paper for the class. So go to your grandmother and she will help you.” She leaves.

Click! A mischievous smile illuminates her face.She does not want to sleep. She wants to finish the fight with the giant, listen to one or two stories from her grandmother before she falls asleep. Elena runs to her grandmother’s room.


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