The Calming Green


Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.–  John Muir

In the shade of a lofty tree they sit on a wooden bench close to a small pond. One leg crosses over the other and their feet swing rhythmically. They stare straight not to the water but to the distant sky ahead seemingly lost in memories. A faint rustling breeze among the foliage of the tree is shifting pale-gold patches of sunlight back and forth over the shadowy path. The silence breaks.

“It will be better for you to visit your daughter for a change. Just go, spend a couple of days with her.” The lady in the white dress says slightly touching the other on her shoulder.

The other lady uncrosses her leg, wipes the corner of her eyes with a soft tissue.She touches the silver bracelet on her right arm lovingly. This is Tom’s favorite and  he gave her this surprise gift on their hiking trip in Denali. Tom used to love this place- the pond, the river, the mountains, the forest. She leans back on the bench with her eyes closed. A few soft tears escape from beneath her eyelids. “The grass is always greener on the other side. Also I think you are right. I should go somewhere else for a change”. She says leaping up from the bench.

Both the ladies walk back to their house on the red clay road that winds between the banks of the honeysuckle vines.They walk on the dirt road for a while and then they cross a field stippled with purple weeds and enter the shadows of a wood where the ground is covered with tiny wild flowers- white, purple and pink. The sun is starting to set flattening against the edge of the horizon. “ It is so serene and beautiful here!” They say at the same time  nodding their head. Abruptly a smile flash on their faces.

Pamela’s daughter Myra lives in a townhouse in a big city where the rows of buildings all alike. She has been dazed by all the tall buildings the first week. Inside the kitchen opens into the bathroom and the bathroom opens into everything else.The streets are the same way. There is always people rushing either to work or to party or to grocery. Everything move so fast here. Pamela shakes her head in disbelief. People need to pause, take a breath and should stay in the moment to enjoy the life.

One bright morning during the breakfast Pamela decides to help her daughter. She takes a sip from the hot tea and lifts her eyes towards Myra. “ Today we should buy a few flower plants for your house.” She takes a bite from the  delicious banana bread and says, “Do you know that plants not only brightens the place but also purifies the air and create a more relaxing, restful ambiance.”

“Sure Mom.” Myra replies with a smile. She wants her mother to be happy.

“ One more thing”, Pamela says dusting the breadcrumbs from her dress. “ You need to think on changing the red color of your living room to a mint green. Believe me it will make a huge difference in your mood.”

Myra turns around while adjusting the sun glass on her nose. “ I will think about that but not today.”

Pamela stands close to the door and glances at the arrangement of the new plants. Over the front door drapes a small blooming wisteria, its thick syrupy smell puddles in the air. Her eyes move to the Peace Lily plant in a  big white vase on one table in the living room, the English Ivy in a hand crafted clay pot and the evergreen Philodendron in a hanging basket in the kitchen.They look so calm and beautiful. A few fragrant red and yellow rose plants on the front porch are hotly odorous.The memory of Tom gets stronger. She misses the forest, the mountains and mostly Tom’s garden.



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