Today is the third day of Spring and it is Thursday. Yes, finally Spring is here! That’s what people say after the harsh winter. But this year the winter is not harsh at all. It is very mild here in Natasha’s state. In her back garden the eggplant and one of the squash plants are growing luxuriantly even during the winter. On her front porch to the left, the clay pots of vibrant pink and cherry double knot roses are still in bloom. Natasha shakes her head. Spring is very short in this town. In every spring, in the middle, the summer just dives in without any hint.

In the afternoon around two, Natasha takes a break from her paper work. During the break she loves to read the wonderful posts of her fellow bloggers in the Word-press; their imagination, dreams, reality. And some other days she checks her what’s app messages or  takes a stroll. She lifts her eyes from the keyboard while adjusting the coral blue scarf around her neck and looks around. From the big glass window, she can see the bursting street.

It is interesting! She leans her face closer to the glass window, her hands loosely at her waist. Outside under one of the tree close to the grey sidewalk, a squirrel lays flat on its tummy. On the other side of the road two girls are trying their best to finish their run but they decide to stop suddenly. They pause under a small tree to drink water. Natasha glances to the far right towards the bus stop at the student loft. One student stands there while fanning herself with a soft cover magazine or with a book. Another person sprinkles water on his face while murmuring to himself and removing the pale green t-shirt from his muscular body. The scenes of the campus from outside do not match to the word Spring. Natasha gets curious. She pushes the glass door of the office and steps out holding an organic protein bar in her right hand.

Natasha opens the wrapper of the coconut almond protein bar and takes a bite while adjusting her sunglass on her nose. She eats slowly then stops not abruptly, yet with utter completeness in mid chewing the bar.  Outside it is very bright, hot and humid. The trees across the student center are hunched against each other like shaggy animals. The black birds are hopping on the grass with their beaks opened, looking for a drop of water. It does not feel like Spring. From the trail of her eyes she glances at the nicely trimmed lawn on the both sides of the road. The tiny yellow Engelmann’s Daisy, dark pink Wine Cups and Verbena wild flowers are nodding their heads happily on the green grass. Now a days,it is hard to see the bees but Natasha finds two bees that are buzzing lazily and drowsily among the wild flowers.  “The weather is so confusing!” Natasha says as she wipes the sweats from her forehead with a white cotton handkerchief. Summer Again! She cannot stand the extreme heat. “I would prefer to go back to the office and read the blogs than to walk in the heat.” Natasha wheels back.

Next morning comes as a wonderful gift. Natasha opens the heavy oak door and steps into the back deck. Outside the air is surprisingly cool and feels like winter again. On the branches of a tree one or two male purple Finches and one Red-winged black birds sing beautifully. The vibrant yellow American Gold Finch hops on the tree branches. The pear tree to the right side of the lawn is full with white flowers. In the hedges the honey suckle vine twist around the bursting hawthorn and full with flowers.  “O’ Yes. This is definitely Spring and it is perfect”. A huge smile plays on her lips as she bends down in a Downward dog pose. “No one can deny the changing climate and it is the hard truth!”  Natasha murmurs as she tries to fix her extended Triangle Pose. In her mind a weekend trip to the Hill country has been decided. It will be a feast for the eyes to see the colorful wild flowers- the famous Texas Blue Bonnets, Texas Paint brush, wine cups and Sugar Bud Primrose.

20160402_172003 (1)    20160402_171929




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