A magical spell at the edge


It is more than a hour’s steady climb to the flat top of the mountain, though the path grew steeper and more difficult.The moonlight gives form to the landscape. I continue to climb up the last , winding portion of the path where the incline is very steep. At the top a narrow ridge forms a miniature plateau with a slight depression in the middle. Snow lay there bright in the moonlight. There are no trees or any vegetation and in the middle a huge dark grey stone casting the moon shadow. I walk closer to the stone . The wind gets stronger and colder signalling something strange to come. I am determined to read the symbol but I am not sure why do I want to read the symbols on the stone. I touch the smooth, cool grey stone with my right hand and close my eyes. Suddenly inside of my mind, the symbols unfolds into deeper meaning.

I open my eyes wide and see a narrow tunnel in front of me. Inside there are innocent young men, a few old men, women and children in shackle and cry desperately for help. “We do not want to go back again to the land where the enemies have destroyed our houses and killed our own people. We want to live a normal, peaceful life but the general has locked us here. His plan is to send us back . We are waiting for you.Will you help us? We are good, innocent people and we will work for our living. But we do not want to go back.” A little whisper escapes my slightly parted lips.The desperation and terror are bright in their eyes. I shake my head in disbelief and clench my fists.They are in a edge and I have to do something. They need justice. But what? There is a small pause.I close my eyes and start to utter some strange words. Must be a spell! Something magical to set them free.

On my back I feel the wind now curiously warm. I open my eyes just a little, peeking through narrow,squinting slits. I look around to make sure that the spell has worked.  I turn my side on the bed.My eleven years old dog stands there sniffing my face and waging her tail.” Good morning! Yes, we will go for a morning walk.” I pat her head. The adventure part of the dream is fantastic but I am not sure about the magic part. That is not me but the ending of the dream is good. Last night for the first time I watched the show ‘Super Natural‘with my daughter. I do not like all the violence scenes in the show so we fast forward most of the action scenes. My daughter pause in one part and strangely looks at my face.” Mom, why are you smiling? This is a action drama.”

I take a sip from the hot tea and lift my face towards the TV. ” I am just enjoying  the handsome  heroes Sam and Dean and their magic.”

“Mom! Now concentrate on the show.”

After the show we watch the news .Now I understand the dream; the tv drama and the refugee crisis take over my mind and play their parts. I smile delightedly and glance outside through the bedroom window. The clouds have parted, and the March sun quivers brightly at the edge of the blind with the promise of a bright Sunday.


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