It is a late afternoon, the day before Easter Sunday.

Anna sits in her study and makes Easter baskets to distribute to the children and parents at, ‘ The Door’, the domestic violence shelter.  Her excitement is sharp. She loves to bring smiles to the many children and adults during the Easter Celebration.Anna  hears the footsteps  but does not bother to lift her eyes to check. She is confident that her little girl is in the crib, taking a peaceful nap and may be enjoying a dream or two. She may be hearing things. After twenty minutes Anna hears the footsteps again. It is not heavy but very very soft. It comes from the hallway. Hmm, it is interesting. Her mind gets curious. As Anna walks through the narrow hall,out of the trail of her eyes,she finds  a few dark green leaves and a few flower petals of different colors on the pale white carpet. She walks faster  and follows the soft footsteps. Her nine months old daughter Daisy walks off with a empty flower basket. She can not walk fast or walk perfectly, so she tries her best to balance her foot on the carpet and to hold the basket tight on one hand.

“Daisy! Sweetie! What are you doing?”

Daisy hears her mother’s voice from behind and stops. She turns around. It is not a perfect turn, so she turns her face but falls on the thick carpet. Anna arches her eyebrows, the weather changes in her eyes.The Easter flower basket, the gift from one of her neighbour is now empty. Daisy lifts her simple face and immediately opens a big delicious smile like lightening. Her mischievious bright brown eyes dance to see her mom. She makes an effort to rise-she leans against the wall and stands. With a charming smile Daisy slowly lifts the basket toward Anna. “ Look mom, no more flower, look.” She says with an excitement in her voice.

Yes, now the new found joy has been shared between mother and daughter. Daisy’s small loving hands wrap tightly around Anna’s waist.

Daisy has eaten most of the flowers and one green stem peeks out of her small mouth. The other delicate petals of the yellow and red tulips who escape from Daisy’s mouth, lay lightly on the carpet. It surprises to see that her body does not react at all. Both the worry and the amusement wraps Anna’s mind to see her daughter’s strange interest in eating the flowers.

In the middle of the night Anna hears the footsteps again. She jumps down from the bed and opens the door. Daisy stands there holding a small teddy in her right hand. Anna bends down to touch Daisy. “Do you want some water sweety?” Daisy tries to open her mouth but then she throws off.

Anna picks her up gently and takes her to the bathroom.

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