My Blue Planet

Longing for Gravity

It is almost morning.The bright strain of sunlight lengthens little by little over the sand. It finds the window of the sulfur concrete house made with Martian soil and tries hard to penetrate. I move closer to the small window. Outside there is a spectacular sunrise! The orange tint in the sky and beautiful blue color in the area around the sun. “Wow! It is breathtaking”. I take a sip of the hot  Hibiscus tea and settle myself on the chair made of high grade aluminium and memory foam. Here in the red planet with the hobby of writing side by side I have developed another interest that is sketching. I adjust the sketch on a small table. The trees are layered in line, form and depth in shades of white from milk to chalk. The diamond dust of snow that does not cling but blows through in a haze of glitter. It looks very pretty but it is an expanse of stillness and loneliness. May be I should add some memory to it to make it more lively. I adjust my  bio-suit and lean against the back of the chair. It has been so long leaving the earth. But today something is bothering me deeply. A heavy sigh.

 My adventurous spirit is always worth of a praise but not this time. The decision to leave the earth and come to the red planet is not a great idea for me. There arr a few of other who are enjoying here. But the confident heart of living without family has started to reflect both in my writings and in my sketches. The memories of my dear earth have started to march into my mind in big waves.

Families are like fudge — mostly sweet with a few nuts.  “ Mom! Dad! We have told you so many times that you are suppose to take one month and do all the detail planning for a trip, then inform us or if you need help then do not hesitate to ask us. But again you have made the ticket to Colorado without asking.” That is my children’s anxious and concerned voice. There are arguments but every spring and in winter, we go in the trips and enjoy each moment. From the trail of my eyes I see the pretty picture of her on the wall. She is like a Sea-glass, the pretty green kind. She brings lots of happiness and smiles wherever she goes. My son has facets and prisms, an intricate geological surprise.I pull out the one family photo from my notebook. Towards the front on the cream color sofa sits my husband with a big smile holding a  magazine on his hand. His approach to life is simple, unhurried, no extravagant emotion. Everybody drawn to him for his innate kindness, his gentleness. He loves gardening, mostly the vegetable garden.

I adjust my nickel-titanium  suit and walk towards the small window.Nothing changes here. It is still cold, incredibly cold. Outside the temperature is -63 degree fahrenheit. In Earth my favorite vacation we go to winter wonderlands, hiking in snow covered mountains in different national parks, to feel the snow as it falls and the beautiful tranquil transformation of nature in the snow. I was very excited the day I paid for this trip to Mars. I was eager to enjoy the extreme cold throughout the year, to visit the vast canyons, the giant sand dunes. But gradually it has changed.

I love the Spring in Earth.The beautiful garden! A smile brakes through my gravity.My husband is a gifted gardner. At the beginning of the  second week of the spring, he buys bags of mulches, and manures to make the garden ready. One side of our back deck is full with the freshly planted pots of lavender and different colors of mini rose plants. sometimes you have to be very mindful when working with the flower plants. I have seen how the bees that zigzag up from the lavender bush and hover around his elbow lightly touching his fingers. To the left corner of the garden, the trumpet vine  and the morning glories that climb up the side of the walls in thick clusters of orange and purple in the spring. In the front yard the ruby red, yellow and orange roses, their petals clustered tight,tilt up towards the sun filling the whole garden with their sweet smell.On the right side of the front lawn, my husband has planted a magnolia tree. It has  very pretty white flowers nestled in waxy green leaves and their smell! Yes, the wonderful musky and sweet smell. Clustered of vivid pink blossoms in the branches of silk-floss trees framed the sides of the house. The right side of the house has splashes of colors ; purple bougainvillea and yellow jasmine twisting through cascades of green ivy like party streamers. I take a deep breath, pretend to draw deeply the scented breath of hyacinth and fresh cut grass. There is no change in the weather here. I make another cup of tea and prepare to fry tofu for dinner.

“The only noise now was the rain, pattering softly with the magnificent indifference of nature for the tangled passions of humans.”Sherwood Smith

Do you know about the special feelings during the rain? “Wow! It is romantic.” The sky explodes,  in a few seconds the thunder crackles. outside the rain comes down hard. The wind whips sheets of water against the glass windows. The hail stones touch the ground. It hammers hard. The sky gets dark as a northern sea. It sounds different but really you feel dreamy and romantic.I love to sit close to an open window and enjoy the rain or just sit and think. Then come marching the calmness and the wonderful smell of earth ! Now here in Mars the sky is just cloudless but Martian night is always full of stars.

I miss the drama that goes on the stage during the debate for the presidential race. I watch in the news here but it is more fun to watch in the earth.Exploration and adventure is fun but with family and friends. And nothing is comparable to our blue planet, nothing.

“Earth’s crammed with heaven…

But only he who sees, takes off his shoes.”- Elizabeth Barrett

mars2     earth   earth2

(You are on a mission to Mars. Because of the length of of the journey, you will never be able to return to Earth. What about our blue planet will you miss the most?)



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