Blue water

Never Again

Have you ever tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” 


Today my daughter turns fifteen. Instead of a grand celebration she decides to make it a unique one. It is a beautiful spring day; sunny and bright but not much humidity. It is a perfect day for a trip to the new water park

“ O’ Really! I say as I tighten a rope around the climbing rose in the back yard. I walk into the kitchen and pour mix berry juice to a small clear cup. From the trail of my eyes I see that In the living room my daughter is in the phone and on the sofa my husband is reading the newspaper. I knit and unknitt my fingers then clear my throat to get the attention.

“ Sweetie your friends may like to go ice skating or roller blade. How about we take them to the rock climbing place instead of the water park.”

My husband closes the newspaper and folds it back. There is a surprise look on his face.There is a small pause. I hear my daughter’s calm voice. “ Nothing to worry mom. You will be fine. Dad will be there with you. We will have a blast.”

A deep sigh and then a confident smile breaks on my face. “ Sure,I will get ready.”

I pack my small canvas bag with sunscreen and my baby blue swim suit.

We drive to  the Schlitterbahn water park. All her friends are there. After getting the tickets we enter through the big park gate. My daughter leaves with her friends. I can feel the air.It is alive with laughter, excitement and the high and penetrating voices of children. After changing to our swim suits my husband reads the brochure for things to do and decides to go to the Torrent river.

I walk with him cautiously. My anxious eyes start to float uncomfortably. We pick up the tubes. I turn and glance at my husband.” I wish they have double tube.”

I can see the surprise look on his face. “What do you mean?”

There is a small smile on my face. “ I mean if we can sit together in one tube.May be not. But can you stay close to me in the water?”

Now he gets irritated. “ you are not a kid. Well even infants can swim or float. The tube is a floating device and you will not drown. It is a big day and you will feel proud if you try.”

My pale face is grave now. I take a big gulp of air. Slowly and cautiously I glide myself into the  tube which start to float in the water. Occasionally I raise my eyes from the water, then look down again. I start to sing all my prayers line by line and word by word. At one point the I could not see my feet. My heart beat gets super fast, then slow and then incredibly fast. My nose is collapsed and mouth is like a thin line or may be thin wax. “ Help! Where are you? Hold me, please. I want to come out from the water. Help me!” It is hard to hear my small voice among so much noise in the air. But some people stare at me strangely and my husband nowhere near. My hands are cold as a sea cave. It is the longest one hour in the floating tube.

After I get up from the water my husband and daughter glance at me.” You are doing great ! Slowly you start to enjoy the water. It takes a little time and courage. “

I do not want to scream or argue there. I want my daughter to enjoy her day. I nod and smile. “ Sure”

It is almost one in the afternoon. We sit together and enjoy the pizza and ice cream before the second part of the celebration starts. My daughter and her friends decide to go to the Master blaster and the Black night. Me and my husband walk around to see other things to do. Suddenly my husband gets an exciting idea. His eyes get bigger and brighter like a incandescent lamps.The smile wider. “ Do you see the small kids in tube slide? I think you will enjoy that.” I eyes turn towards the water slide. I see the happy, excited children sliding down through the tube, fall into the pool of water then run up again to try. It must be easy and fun. We climb the stairs.

All the kids in the line look at my face. I understand their curious mind. Before I slide through the tube I look at my husband’s face for assurance. He smiles back. “ I am confident that you will enjoy this. I will wait for you besides the pool” He leaves.

It happens again. My heart beats faster and faster. My hands are cold. My prayer starts. I slide through the small tube and fall into the pool face flat in the water. I can not see anything or hear any voice. I start to scream. “ Help! I am drowning. Somebody help me!” A hand pulls me out from the water.

“ Mam, mam! you are not drowning. It is a kid’s pull and your husband is waiting for you.”

I wipe the water from my eyes and look around. I take a deep breath. To the left side of the pool there are almost twenty parents. A general air of surprise falls upon them. My eyes are brimming with tears. I do not like this experience at all. But I am determined to learn.



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