Hope for the best.

Worst Case Scenario  (Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?)

It happens on one of the week days. It is morning.I yawn, spread out my paws one after another and raise my head slowly from my cozy bean bag bed.My long brown tail beats gently, just a thump or two to say good morning. My eyes lazily roam the surrounding.I could see my father neatly dressed in a khaki sports court, a dark-blue  shirt, sits on a chair in the living room behind the  broad table. He talks to someone in his phone and then bends down on the yellow pad to write. His eyes dart back and forth. My mom walks around with a teacup in her right hand and a list on the other. Her eyes are anxious. She take a sip from her cup,wheels around and sits on the sofa facing dad. “ Are you sure about this? You can wait until Thanksgiving.” There is a small pause. My dad turns his head. “ I can not wait. This is the perfect time and I have to go.” It’s like stepping into the dog park in the evening; people move around in all directions and dogs everywhere. It does not feel like a normal morning.

To get a closer look I inch open one of  the bedroom door with my nose.There are  two big oversize black suitcases on the floor. One of them has been nicely packed with dad’s shirts, pants, sweaters  in the other with toys, candies, beautifully wrapped gifts. What is going on? Inside my mind there is a hurricane going on. I do not like him to leave. Not at all. He understands me completely. In every evening we walk together to the nearby field. There we play throw and catch with the ball, he lets me run around after the squirrels. There are perpetual smile and cheerfulness in his eyes. He has a pleasant sense of power of knowing about my wish and demands. He is the best dad and playmate! I stretch myself on the floor in front of the bedroom door. I remember clearly that last time when he packed his suitcase and left somewhere.I did not like it. The days seemed too long without him.

I walk back to the living room to check on dad. He is on the sofa with the laptop. I need his attention. I back away a few feet  with my ears crawl up to the top my head and start barking. Without looking at me he says, “ Not now, go outside.” Hmm, May be I should not disturb. I leave the room obediently and through the back door walk outside to the yard.

Outside everything stirs gently in the breath of cold air; the trees, the bushes, the birds skip from branches to branches.The light is full of action illuminating the tree trunks and blurring the dark foliage. I make two quick loops around the deck, decide to go inside and check on dad. Inside my bowl is full of food and water. I sniff and examine  the food but could not eat. As my dad pulls the zippers to close the suitcases and grabs the car key, I roll over on the wood floor in front of him throwing my whole body and substituting with yelp and excited high-pitched barks. He drops the suitcases and leans over. His voice is kind and assuring. “ Be a good girl! Give company to your mom. She will play with you.” He scratches me behind my soft floppy ears in consolation and throws a new colorful ball high into the air.I  jump with excitement to catch the ball waging my long tail back and forth with happiness. The best thing is that I have a new ball and the promise that mom will play with me. Now the day seem perfect.

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