He is just like you

If I Ruled the World

The December sun dances on the  bedroom window pane. Through a small opening it falls in a long pencil stroke on the cream color carpet of the cozy bedroom. Tiffany rolls over and pretends to sleep until the alarm goes off. She opens her eyes slowly, squints and looks towards the clock.  It is almost six and the room is full of morning. Today is Saturday. A feeble burst of voice mingled with the tinkle of silver and glass float up from the kitchen. She hears the padded footsteps of her son Luke down the hall towards her bedroom. The door opens. A square face with bright brown eyes and a pleasant smile appears in the doorway. “ Good morning mom! And Happy Birthday!” says Luke cheerfully. He hugs Tiffany and surprises her with a cup of green tea and a folded white paper.

Tiffany gently pulls Luke closer.“ Thank you Luke”. She says warmly taking a sip from the hot tea and unfolds the paper with excitement. The white page has deep blue borders and within the border there are three pictures- two dark pink roses in one side, One long snow covered mountains in the middle and a beautiful elephant on the other side. They are not that perfect or clear but the picture overflows with lots of love and affection.Tiffany smiles deliciously and looks at Luke. Before she ask any questions, Luke slides to the bed and says, “ I try to draw all the things that you like and it took almost three hours to draw. Do you really like it?.”

“I love it. This is the best gift.” Tiffany says flinging her arms open.

 Tiffany feels lucky to have Luke who is verbal and blisteringly intelligent. He tries his best to be like others but truly does not know how. Bullying started in the first grade, when he got his first pair of eye-glass. Gradually he gets used to kids telling him to leave, or sit  some where else. He does not like the pats on the back or handshakes. Tiffany remembers when Luke  was 2 years old, he could not hear her or did not want to. According to the psychiatrist he suffers from an impairment in social communication and behavior.  It was devastating but Tiffany completely devote herself to Luke. The behavioral and speech therapy  help and Luke starts to communicate.

He has Asperger’s syndrome which is an autism spectrum disorder. The Asperger’s have 47 chromosomes and it is the one extra chromosome that makes them disable in certain ways.  He reads, watch tv, listens to music. His favorite things to do is to write poetry,playing chess and drawing.He is almost eight and Tiffany’s greatest joy.

Saturday is always a day full of plans and actions. It is almost eleven in the morning.Tiffany drives Luke to the library. She pulls into the parking lot and ignores a perfectly good parking spot because it happens to be next to a shiny purple car. Luke does not like the color purple. She feels him draw in his breath and holds it until Tiffany drives fast and moves to a different spot. Luke opens the car door. He  loves books. He pretends he is the character and slid into books like a seal into the water. For Luke every part of a book is magic and what delight him in the most are the descriptions of a adventure.

Sunday afternoon. Tiffany reads the newspaper in the back porch sitting on the swing. Luke comes with a book and settles himself on the lawn chair close to his mother.“ Mom do you know what I read today?”


“The dog can smell the presence of autism in kids. Just like the dog in Brandon’s house who tries to sniff me whenever I visit him. But I do not like the dogs that much, because they always like to lick you and hang around with you all the time.” Luke adjusts his eye glass on his small nose and continues with his sentence. “ On the other hand, mom I think cats have Asperger’s like me.”

Tiffany folds the newspaper quickly and looks at Luke’s eyes with astonishment. There is a small breathless pause. “What? why?”  Tiffany asks anxiously.

“O’ mom, it is very simple. Cats are very smart, solitary, quick , intelligent  and they like to be left alone just like me, so they have Asperger’s.” Tiffany nods her head and could not stop smiling. She  would like to have magical power to read Luke’s brain and his wild imaginations.

Luke loves puzzles and chess. Most of the evenings after homework they sit on the cream colored sofa  in the family room with  jigsaw and sliding puzzles, spiral ooze tube, tall stacker building set and a chess board.  The room gets lively with Luke’s exciting voice and giggles. But after half an hour, he knits and unknits his fingers and leans towards his mother and says ” mom, are you not hungry? I can help you in making the lunch.”

Tiffany loves when Luke express his feelings and emotions. She lifts her head towards the innocent face of  Luke. “Excellent idea”. Luke walks into the kitchen holding her mom’s hand. It is a long way to go. But suddenly everything all at once seems very pleasant and gorgeous.

  • Tiffany do not want to rule the world. She is happy and grateful for the gifts that universe has given in her life. She has a high hope for people to have positive values in life to enrich this beautiful world .




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