A Miracle!

The Luckiest People

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her.

Every night, before my eyelids close themselves I wish the beautiful grey statue holding a small child  in front of my would step down, walk softly towards me. She would sit on the floor cross legged with her fingers gently caressing my hair and tell me the wonderful stories; stories of fairies, adventure of the kings. Each one of the stories will be marvellous and distinct. Or the tall Douglas Fir tree and the pine trees decorated  elaborately and lavishly with christmas lights to my right would speak, they would talk to me, sit with me and  tell me stories. I sigh while lying down on the damp newspaper. I pull the torn cloth up to my neck and adjust my small body deep into the medium size square cardboard  box covered with a clear plastic.The snowflakes drift down, glide on the plastic sheet, trimm the curves of the sidewalk and touch the ground. It is very very cold. My body shivers.The chill cold air of the night seems to lie on my limb as heavy as a slab of marble.I wipe the tears from my face with the back of my palm and try to sleep. Sorrows lay heavily around me.

A patch of cold sun greets  through the tiny holes of the cardboard box, I squint my eyes and tries to turn my face to the opposite side but then sharply turns my head back.I brush a cloud of hair out of my astonished eyes. A heart shape face with bright brown eyes and a pleasant smile appears in front of the big whole of the box. My heart stops.

“Good morning!’’ She says and lifts the box. I make an attempt to rise- I lean forward then sits back wrapping my hands around my knees and stare at the stranger. My heart beats faster.I am scared.I try to take a big gulp of air  as I could and held it to push back at the fear. I suck my breath like iron popsicle.

she is a tall lady in a jean pant, a dark grey winter jacket  and grey winter boots. A light blue scarf hangs loosely on her shoulder.Her hair is black and slightly wavy, arranged elaborately, and the bangs covers her big forehead.Her small knowing smile makes her appear benevolently ready to lend you her ear. She is light, delicate with a touch of motherly affection in her repose. Her penetrating bright brown curious eyes are full of kindness and sympathy. There is an pure simplicity in her warm smile that plays on her lean, spacious cheek and lights up her face. The lady bends down with one hand on her knee and the other lean arm outstretched towards me. “ Please do not be scared. I want to help you. Come hold my hand.” She says warmly.Then she leans forward and slowly touches my fingers. “ Your hand and feets are so cold! Is there anybody else lives with you?” Her curious eyes looks around the surroundings then gently falls on me.

“Please stand up. I will take you to an shelter. You need food, warm clothes and a place to stay. It is freezing here. Come, I will help you.” She says breathlessly, wrapping me with a dark blue blanket in one hand and holding my small fingers in the other.

My pulse beats fast but the lady’s eyes matches her voice. May be I will get a chance to live happily; surrounded with nice people, food to eat, books to read,cozy place to sleep. Yes, I strongly believe in miracle.

I raise my small tear-filled eyes and a little whisper escape my slightly parted lips.

“ Thank you!

Outside the air is alive with chatter,laughter and  a promise of bright future.

*Children are the greatest asset but 2.5 million children are homeless in each year in America. We should not create a Third world in our own backyard. No one child should be homeless!


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