Slightly Invisible

Imaginary Friend

People  disappear, reappear, lose each other and suddenly find each other.

It happens again in October.   Daisy settles herself on the garden chair and dangles her feet ,enjoying the sensation of her ankles flopping loose in the breeze with the book The Orphan Train on her hand. She tries to concentrate on the story, when a heart-shaped face with bright brown eyes and a pleasant smile appears on her side. Daisy turns her head.The other one sits close to her with her hands on her lap folded upon her light blue dress. Her hair loosely black and hang down to her nape, are scattered over her shoulder. Her impressions are numerous and they are all reflected in her clear knowing smile. She breaks the silence. “ It has been a long time! Are you happy to see me back?”

Daisy smiles warmly. She uncrosses her legs, leans towards her friend. “ Yes, I am delighted to see you here.” Her voice leaps up extraordinarily strong. Daisy continues. “ It is a little lonely after the children left, and somedays it is so quiet that it feels like the house hums itself.”

Yes,her friend replies nodding her head. “ How about your other friends? Do not say that you do not mingle with them.” She raises her large astonished eyes.“ What about writing?”

Daisy pushes her curly hair behind her ears and says twisting her ring on her finger, the golden one  with tiny flowers bud on it, the one she purchased with her daughter. She misses her. “ I love writing which happens only in the weekends. What about you? You look so energetic! How is your life?”

She smiles luxuriously and answers in a  thrilling voice as if each speech is an arrangement of notes. “ I am in love with my yoga routine and keeping myself busy with lots of charity works, music lessons, travelling.This time I am planning to go to Alaska and hike in Denali.You should come with us and it will be lots of fun. I remember clearly that you love hiking.” The air is alive with chatter and laughter.

Her friend looks around with astonishment. “You have not decorated your house! It is Halloween. I know how much you love to decorate and hand out candies to the children.” She looks at Daisy more closely as if to read something in her eyes.

Daisy leans forward and sighs. Her voice is quite grave now. She sits still, her hands motionless upon her lap.“ I used to but after both of my children left, I do not think it is fun anymore. We used to decorate together, buy treats, take turn in opening the front door and giving candies to the children and love their custumes.”

Her friend springs to her feet and pulls Daisy from the chair.“ That is very absurd! Children have to leave and start their own life and that does not mean that you behave as if the life ends.’” She reminds Daisy of her first encounter in one clear in a bright Sunday. “ It was a pretty day in one Spring. You were almost five and half. You left your grandparents house and came to live with your parents in another city. You were standing leaning against a tall tree and crying. your shoulders were shaking and hands clenched. Occasionally you raised your eyes to look at the book which  was a gift from your grandmother, then lowered your eyes. your eyes were brimming with tears as if your existence is dull like a faded garment. Then I appeared in front of you with a promise of friendship, hope and excessive joy. It was so much fun! So now I am here again. Let’s have fun together just like the old days before I leave.” She says more warmly with a delicious smile.

Daisy tips her head slightly and looks at her friend. There is a determination in her eyes. Happiness deepens in her. Everything at once seems gorgeous.Tonight they will make cup cakes, decorate the house for halloween and plan for their hiking trip to Alaska.

“A daily dose of daydreaming heals the heart, soothes the soul, and strengthens the imagination.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

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