Spreading Smile

All About Me      Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

What happened to your money? What did you buy? Did you loose or something?’ My  grand-mother asked me as I stood there with an empty brown bag on my hand.

I cleared my throat, tried hard to make up a story but could not. So I sighed, looked down to the floor, then lift my eyes and replied,’ The small boy on the street, close to the mall did not eat any thing and he was crying so I gave him the money and I was not hungry at all or I really did not want to buy any new toys. I have so many toys!’ Then I moved closer and hugged my grand-mother and said,’ Did not you tell me in all your stories that it is always important to make others happy?’

A huge smile played on my grandmother’s face. She bent down and pulled me closer and said,’Yes, that is the right thing to do.’

I always love to bring magic in other’s lives. I want to spread happiness, uplift the spirits; not only for my readers but also to be a powerful voice for the animals and nature. Through my stories I want to bring more awareness on child labor, poverty, modern slavery and on women’s issues. I am determined to touch my reader’s heart and have faith in their support for my journey.

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