The Veil

Green-Eyed Lady

“Envy, like a false mirror, distorts the symmetry of the sweetest form.” – Norman Macdonald.

Destiny! Look. There are so many beautiful and colorful dresses  on the counter. Pick the one you like.” Says Destiny’s grand mother.

Destiny swipes the stray hair from her face and look at the dresses closely. She reaches out and touches the Tiffany blue and the Baby blue blue dresses with small white flowers on the neck and lots of frills. She loves the soft silk material of the dress and the color. Then she tips her head to one side and tries to  remember the conversation between her parents. For the up coming celebration her mother wanst some expensive outfits just like her other aunts. Destiny turns towards her grandmother and says, ” I have so many dresses so I do not want any but I want you to buy an outfit for my mom.” Then she lifts her eyes to the top right shelves,points at all the big stacks of dazzling saris and says, “How about a bright color sari? My mom’s fair skin looks good in those colors. Right?”

Destiny’s grand mother squeezes Destiny’s cheek affectionately She smiles at her charming face and says “Sure and we will buy both; a pretty dress for you and one sari for your mom.”

Destiny always love to see herself and her family to stand out more than others. It is a hot day in April. Destiny is up before the sunrise, eager to start her day. She tries to arrange all the Psychology books and the magazines that peek out from the study table, from the wicker baskets and a few from the night desk. She is wrapped with lots of excitement and hope. Her expectations are jumping around like some hyperactive monkeys. Today the result of her under-graduation class will pop up in the bulletin board and on the newspaper. But she decides to visit the college and check the result. She arrives at the college and walks up with winged steps towards the bulletin board.Her heart is pounding at a frantic tempo. Destiny lifts her eyes and stops. She reads and re-reads her name as the first position in her class.” Wow! Yes!” Destiny says. She feels glee; a snorting, horse galloping glee. Then she turns around to see the other girl from her class whom she envies all the time for her rank but, today she looks very different. The other girl ‘ Nora’ stands close to the big black pillar to one corner and is lost in her own thought. Her face is washed with an expression of shock. Destiny loves to be first but she can feel the flicker of sadness in Nora. Destiny turns around, walks up to Nora and hugs her.

Destiny loves to have  more beautiful things than her friends or a huge garden with more colorful flowers her neighbors. Time passes. A pretty day in Spring.Destiny walks around in the library when her eyes catch the book ‘Envy; A theory of Social behavior’ by Helmut Schoeck. The book is almost finished. She tilts her head, shifts her weight on the sofa, closes her eyes and thinks.‘ Envy is such poisonous!’.She says and thinks how the veil of envy covers the truth. It is important to accept one self and to be grateful for what one has. Such a wasted emotion!’ She opens her eyes, smiles. Destiny is determined to break free, leave the constant war between her heart and soul. She wants to celebrate other’s happiness and to be more generous and grateful for the things she has in her life.

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