A Wish.

Powerful Suggestion

“How was the interview?” Ethan asks as he enters into the living room.

Mia tilts her head and replies,”Not sure”. Her lips are horizontal but squeezed flat. She does not want to discuss anymore about the interview. Ethan understands her feeling so he leaves Mia alone for some time.

Mia takes off her eyeglass and leans more against the soft pillow of the cream -color couch.Fair memories rise up before her like  the forms of departed gods. They come in slow procession following one another.

It was a beautiful early evening in July. Mia was seating on a beautiful bamboo chair in the garden and reading some of her favorite articles related to Psychology. Her mother was reading a magazine on interior design. Mia’s dad returned from the university and walked straight towards Mia. He smiled and said “Surprise!” Then he bend down to hug her and handed her a big piece of rolled paper. Mia’s mind in that particular moment became a playground of expectation and guesses. And they were uncontrollable. Mia unrolled the paper swiftly and looked at it closely. She could not believe her eyes. She looked at her father and saw the big smile again.

“Really! Wow! Her eyes sparkled joyfully and heart swelled with pride of achieving the first position in her masters degree in Psychology. She stood up and hugged both her parents tightly. Their happiness spilled over and touched each other. Lots of beautiful dreams, careful planning and bright ideas emerge one after another. 

Time passes. Slowly the ideas and dreams disappear and just lay in the memory. Some days they peek out  and try to stand strongly on the ground. But lots of other things take their places.Mia was so busy in her life with kids that she did not consider about going back to finish her favorite degree. She wanted to help her children in finishing their college. Mia leans back more on the sofa and surprise about the interview  answers. She could not believe in her poor memory. She was determined but It was hard for her to answer all the questions which she learnt so perfectly in the past. She should have tried that before nine or ten years back. She can not blame on others. Mia turns her head and looks at the different awards she once achieved sit nicely on the top shelve of the big book case, close to her children’s awards on scout, science fair projects, orchestra, tennis, debate..

The little hope is still there flickering in one corner of her heart.


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