Bliss picks up the fresh crisp newspaper from her driveway. She leans against the big white pillar of the porch and flips peacefully through the front sections. Her phone rings. Bliss twists the door knob and steps in to the living room to answer the call. She listens to the other end then replies.

“What? Really! Are you joking?” Bliss says and then moves closer to the beige color sofa  and sits. She throws the news paper on the coffee table and quickly tucks her hair behind her ear. She tilts her head to one side and continues to ask,”Is it final ? Why are you laughing? It is for real, right?O’ my God!”

The phone conversation ends. Bliss stands up slowly. A wide and rich smile starts to play on her face and spreads from the corner of her mouth up to the ear.The dimple on her right cheek gets deeper, eyes are real wide and big. Her heart flutters like the wings of the butterflies. Bliss can feel the beautiful music of the violin, strings and the harp in her heart. The  Mozart’s Rondo allaturca, N.11 in A major starts to play as a back ground theme. She can not control her happiness and they start to overflow and touch the nearby objecst, the house plants and her pets. Her expression varies depending on the surrounding. When she hears extremely good news, she tries her best to stay calm around her family.

But today is different. Nobody is home. And then the wonderful news!Wow! Bliss says then starts singing the  opera ‘The Barber of Serille’ ion a Soprano voice, range approximately middle c. Both the dogs stand close to the corner of the door and stare at Bliss. A deep thought plays in their small brain, She is real crazy today, hopefully she is fine. The cat makes a scary sound and runs to the lawn through the back door. But Bliss does not care. She is not a young kid but she laughs and does thirty jumping jacks on the living room floor, a few side kicks and punches to the air and then runs to the back yard. She looks at her happy dogs and wants to communicate in their language.So she immitates their barks and runs around in the lawn, around the big flowering pear and the red bud tree. It is real strange for the dogs but they love Bliss. So they smile , wag their long tails and run around after Bliss as if playing a chasing game.



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