My Coen

Third From the Top

Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

The third blog in my reader is’ Morning Tigger’ by Just Writing.

He rises with morning light…..I groan and roll over and pretend still sleep until the alarm goes off. I open my eyes slowly and look towards the clock.  It is almost six thirty .Today is Saturday. I want to sleep a little more but I can not. Yesterday’s awful incident worries me a lot. Last evening it was raining hard and Coen did not like it. He is my eight years old son and autistic. He was screaming and crying. My breath freezes in my throat. I reach out to comfort him. It took me a long time to calm him down. I promised him that  if he behaves then, I will spend the whole day only with him. He calmed down, snuggled with me on my bed while I read him the story of Jen and Ben and Troy’s amazing universe. My heart cries out when he feels stress. I like to enter inside his brain magically to figure out his wild imaginations. I turn my head slowly to the right. He is looking at  me with wide eyes. I smile, pull him closer and saying ” Good morning Coen!”

” Good morning mom!”, Coen says with a big smile and wraps his small hand and giggles. Then he says ” mom remember the list we made yesterday about the things to do? Can we start now?”

“Sure”, I say. I spring from the bed slowly. After the morning routine we walk together to the kitchen. Our nine years old dog runs to greet us. He licks Coen’s feet and wags her long brown tail pounding on the side of the wall. She loves Coen. Coen sinks his fingers into his thick brown  fur at the ruff of her neck and hugs her
. I make one cup of hot Darjeeling tea with a dash of honey, ginger and cardamom and one cup of chocolate milk with marshmallows for Coen. I open the big glass door and step out holding one hand of Coen to the deck.It is a beautiful spring day. The sky is clear, the day is as shiny as a new born.There are new green grass, new leaves on the trees, the lustrous tiny yellow flowers on Sassafras tree,  gorgeous magenta flowers on Red Bud tree and the delicate snow-white dogwood blossoms.we sit on the swing and enjoy our drinks. We watch the cheeky sparrows  and pretty robins hopping around the lawn and plucking the sunflower seeds, millet and thistle. Coen loves the calmness of the morning. I look from the corner of my eyes towards the happy face of my son. His smile touches my heart. Me and my husband try our best to spend quality time with him. Each moment counts.

Coen loves puzzles. Around eleven in the morning we sit on the graham cream sofa  in our family room with  jigsaw and sliding puzzles, spiral ooze tube, tall stacker building set and a blue cover sketch pad and pencils on the front coffee table. We help each other in the puzzles and games.  After one hour, Coen slides more towards me and says ” mom, are you not hungry? I can help you in making the lunch.”

I turn my face towards him and wrap my hands around his small body. I love when Coen express his feelings and emotions. Joy and excitement feel my heart. I try to hide my tears and say,” Sure let’s go to the kitchen.”

We walk through the soft carpet of the living room, through the wood floor of the hall to the kitchen. The dog wags her long tail and follows us with the blue soft ball in her mouth. We look through the recipes and Coen decides to start with baby carrot with humus and olive, Chicken salad and for snack coconut corn flakes cookies. I stand close to the kitchen counter and watch Coen. He opens the refrigerator with both his hands, grabs the carrots from the second draw , brings the olive jar and puts on the counter. Then he slowly reaches into the drawer below the counter and pulls out the boxes of almond flour, coconut powder and corn flour. Today he hums to some music. My heart sings to see him so happy, excited and caring.

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