A Memorable Day

Fly on the Wall

It was a beautiful evening in 14th August, year 1947. The exquisite, beautiful and delicate dark brown, brilliant scarlet and buttery yellow and purple flowers were dancing in the wind in the middle of the large fenced garden.I was flying around and enjoying my day in that garden. I glanced from the corner of my eye towards the huge gathering in front of a small brick house. My curiosity started blooming rapidly. I flew to the front gate of the house and did not see anything interesting so I flew in to interior of the house. The front living room was small with white walls ,high ceiling, two small windows with curtains, a very simple furnishing. There were one square table and four chairs in one corner of the room.  I saw an older gentle man wrapped in a white shawl, a small round frame eye-glass on his nose, sitting on the ground on a mat in the middle of the room. He had a very wide forehead with four lines, thick and long eyebrows, big ears, a prominent nose, a strong and protruding chin and long arms. I flew close to him and sit on the wall. Lots of people sitting close to him. They were discussing about the riots that was  going on in that city. From their conversations I came to know that the person in the middle was Mahatma Gandhi. He is famous for his principles of non-violence, compassion, simplicity and truthfulness. He has been trying his best to unite both the religions to live peacefully in one nation. But it did not happen the way he predicted. I turned my body towards Gandhi and glanced at him. His eyes were down towards the floor. He was in deep thought. There was a small blue tray with a glass of juice on it. It was untouched. Gandhi did not want to eat or drink until some solution to the riot. Around mid-night some one knocked at the door.One gentleman leaped forward, walked on the hard floor to open the door. He returned with sparkles in his eyes and a big smile on his face. He bend down,leaned closer to Gandhi and said ,” Bapu!  A miracle happened!The messenger was here to give you this letter and to tell that we got the independence. We got it .”

Everybody in that room rejoiced with the glorious news. They touched Gandhi’s feet because of his struggle against injustice and for his determination that India got her independence. Gandhi lifted his eyes up. I saw tears and a deep sorrow in his eyes but no excitement. He wanted peace among the people and a united country. He sat quietly with closed eyes. He thought prayer was the only way hope for another miracle. Prayer can only bring  wisdom and courage to continue into the path of justice and right action. He requested others to celebrate the big day with  a prayer and fasting. He wanted to restore the peace between Hindu and Muslims before the celebration. I overheard that on the next day, in Delhi the capital of India, there were more than a quarter million people on the street to celebrate the independence. Amid the scene of the rejoicing crowd and the flag ceremony, broke a brilliant rainbow in the sky which was taken by the crowd as a good omen. The rainbow resembled the saffron, white and green color of the Indian flag. And I felt deeply proud , humbled and overjoyed to be in that room in that particular day, with a wonderful person who gave the gift of independence to India.

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