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A warm day in march, the first day of my Spring break. I return from school, open the front door and walk in. I go straight to see my mom. I like to talk to her about my school , friends and my homework. She is always a good listener better than my friends. She sits on the dining chair with a magazine in one hand and a cup of tea in the other hand. For her every part of a book is magic.She delights most in the exquisite words or descriptions that undulated across a page like any soft batter pouring into a pan. She tips her head slightly, lifts her eyes towards me, closes the magazine and says, ” O’ hello! How was your day?”

I drop my heavy Blue back pack on the floor, pull a chair with a deep cushion and sit close to her. I say breathlessly,”I had a busy but a very fun day in the school. I think the teachers in my class were in a cheerful mood because of the coming break.” I brush my a loose strand of hair from my eye, lean forward and say with excitement, “Can you imagine that I even do not have any homework. We should make a plan for a trip like Lisa’s family. How about we go to Alaska. I would love to see the bears and the whales. Can we go?”

My mom adjusts her glass on her nose, sips the tea and says warmly,” Well, we have to talk to dad and then together decide on a trip. Also I have planed some nice activities for this week, I think you may enjoy them too.”

Joy flashes into my heart, I feel  happy that we are going to spend time together, so I smile deliciously and reply,” That will be great.” In the evening after my friend left, I follow my mom to the kitchen. Mom arranges a lots of ingredients on the  granite kitchen counter. I get more curious. She brings a heavy stainless steel saucepan with black handle to the stove. I help her in bringing the milk and the heavy cream from the refrigerator. With a white measuring cup she slowly pours 3 cups of milk, one cup of heavy cream,  half tea-spoon of peppermint extract, two tea spoons of vanilla extracts,  two-third cups of sugar into the pan. I  stand on a stool, close to my mom and stir the liquid  in a low heat for ten minutes. I look at the pan. The white milk looks like a untouched snowfield, then it gets thicker and creamier. I take a deep breath. The silk sweet  heavenly smell of vanilla curls into my nostrils. The scent travels across the kitchen in soft , heavy waves filling the space with whispers of the kitchen. I stand close to the stove and watch. My mom bends and checks with a  wooden spoon to make sure that sugar has dissolved. She removes the pan from the heat, turns towards me and asks to bring the ice cream maker from the cupboard to freeze the liquid. We freeze that for two hours. It seems like  we have to wait  for a very long time,so I run to my room to get the Scrabble board game to play with mom. It is lots of fun. After two hours, mom brings out the partially frozen ice-cream, adds sliced strawberries, mangoes, peaches, cherry, pistachios to it  and then freezes again. It is hard to wait to eat the delicious, delectable,sweet.

That night  I had a real long but beautiful dream. I turn over sleepily on my bed greeting a patch of cold sun on  the glass pane of the window. The room is full of morning. I overheaard from the other room from my parents that it was Alaska. My eyes lazily roam my surroundings. Outside everything stirs gently in the soft breath of cold air; the trees, the bushes, the wild grass and a few birds skipping from tree to trree. I turn my head and glance at the beautiful mountains. Yes, we are going to climb the mountains ,play hide and seek with the black bears, the pretty polar bears and even  take a ride on the whales. Wow! It will be so much fun! After all the games they will get hungry so  I better pack my back pack with lots of  treats. My proper plans were reflected in a clear, big smile. The dream ended towards the end of our hike from the mountain Denali, after the game of hide and seek when the polar bear cubs left with their mothers, the whales disappear slowly under the water.

Next morning, after my visit to the library, the classical dance class and my one hour of  piano practice, I  was  very hungry. I did not want any of the healthy fruits that my mom always insists to eat. But I was ready to taste the bud thrilling ice cream.So I walk straight to the refrigerator. I open the doors slowly, take out the cover of the ice-cream. I take out one big scoop of the delicious icecream on a small white plate and settle myself comfortably on a chair. Mom walks in to the kitchen. She hands me a few slices of thin cut mango, peach, strawberry, chopped pecans, pistachios, then pours a few drops of caramel on the top of the icecream. I slowly take a spoon full of the amazingly, delicious creamy ice cream. I close my eyes and feel the heavenly taste, as it slowly enter to my warm mouth and melts. images (1)

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