Falling in Love with Love: A Definition by Experience

I Want to Know What Love Is


Serenity walks out through the big double glass door with her luggage. She stands close to the curb of the road and looks around. The air, the people, the streets, all of them seem so familiar. She feels the strong connection, a love, then an outburst of emotion. Her eyes begin to glisten and tears stream down on her cheeks. “O’ I love you so much,” she murmurs then wipes her tears with a tissue and walks towards the cab.

It has been a really long time since I have seen my childhood house in the university campus. So many memories! She drives there. It is almost getting dark. She parks the car close to the house, open the iron gate slowly ,walks in and looks around. Her heart quickens. The long grasses and  weeds climb the gate and poke through the rusted bars. Some trees rise from the ground, arch as though in agony, reaching out. She touches them gently, they are the silent witnesses of her love; the stories she read to them and the secrets she shared with them in her childhood.  Serenity pushes through the overgrown branches and walks across the pathway. No one is staying here anymore, not since her  family moved out. Leaves rustle and the echoes of twigs snapping and crunching beneath her feet sound loudly in the night. She runs to the front porch. As she walks towards the door her heart beats with excitement. Serenity lightly touches the door, then twists the door knob. The door was unlocked and it opens. She dares and steps inside. It is dark everywhere but feel so cozy, warm, as if all the lonely walls and doors in the house are happy to see her back. She continues to walk, trailing her finger over the wall, through the cow-webs, across the rough edges. She enters to her study room, strides to the dining area, all the bed rooms, and then she stands close to her dad’s study. Rumors say that her dad’s soul is there in that room. Serenity steps in slowly, stands where her dad used to sit and create wonderful stories, read books , sit with mom to chit chat after the day of teaching in the classes. Serenity turns her head and glances, a tall figure that stands in-front of her. She tries to lean more and to get a good glimpse. Maybe her love for her father makes it hard to distinguish between imagination and reality. It is overwhelming.She springs towards the figure in the dark and says,”Is that you dad? I miss you”. The figure flickers. ” Dad, dad! O’ dad I love you”. Serenity leans against the wall and  breaks down to tears



Serenity knocks gently on the door and not expecting a response, enters anyway. The room is a little darker. She lays in the  wooden frame bed. The walls are pale white. The yellow blanket  is pulled up to her chest. Her white hairs spread loosely around her on the pillow and her long eye lashes closes over the perfect skin, she always look angelic. Serenity reaches over and opens the small windows. She places a pretty vase on the table close to the bed with beautiful  fresh buttercups, and dark pink and red roses,which her mother-in-law likes. Her mother-in-law wears a apricot colored cotton saree with a deep blue border. She opens her eyes and smiles a big rich smile. Her happiness, love, excitement overflows and touches Serenity. Both smile, hug each other. They are happy in each other’s company,  a deep bond that touches their heart at the same time.

In Nature

A beautiful Saturday morning around 11 AM Serenity’s small flight touches the ground. She comes down from the plane and looks around, lifts her eyes, and her heart stops. “Wow!!!” That is the only word comes out from her mouth with bewilderment. The stunning, breathtaking view of the Grand Tetons with awesome snow-covered peaks and shimmering lakes nestled in the heart of Wyoming. Rising more than 7000 feet above the valley of Jackson Hole, it dominates the skyline. Wild flowers, sage brush wave their heads in the valley and paint the meadows in vivid color. From there Serenity drives to another wonder of the nature.

The profound beauty of  Yellowstone National Park with tall peaks, slopes, plateaus, waterfalls, rivers, thermal springs, famous geysers,  and home of  Grizzly bear, black bear, bison, elk, Mule deer, moose, eagles and Trumpet swans.Serenity falls in love with the beautiful hydrothermal fireworks of Old Faithful, the multicolored sizzling water of Mammoth Hot Springs and it looks like a giant layers of limestone birthday cake. Serenity drives to the seven miles long picturesque Hayden Valley as the Yellow Stone river weaves through the lush meadow from Yellowstone lake.  She takes pictures of the herds of bisons with their calves and grazing elk. Sagebrush dominates the hill side. She stands and watch the stunning spouting colorful  hot water in the Grand Prismatic Spring which is also named as nature’s tie-dye. The last day in Yellow Stone. Serenity stands against a big rock and watches the beautiful Grand Canyon of Yellow stone.


“If you know wilderness in the way that you know love, you would be unwilling to let it go. … This is the story of our past and it will be the story of our future.”– Terry Tempest Williams

Love in a few other places

Monday evening. Serenity backs her car from the parking lot  and suddenly stops. She turns her head to her left and leans closer to the window. “What is that?” She says. She opens the car door and walks slowly and carefully towards the moving object. She bends down. “O’ who left you?!!” She lifts the puppy from the ground. She looks at the beautiful, innocent  eyes of a brown and white  Pit bull Terrier, falls in love with the abandoned puppy. She hugs him and brings him to her home.

10304645_10202224013871756_4546655099713845520_n 10995497_10204091281552281_2769109097012550816_n

Serenity sits on the soft white couch after a long day of work in an charity event and decides to apply to work as a volunteer in the elephant sanctuary either in South Africa or in India.

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