My Angel


There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it.

Early Sunday morning. I play in the big farm the chasing game. I run after the big purple, pink, silver-tipped butterfly. I run through the field, jump the small bushes, then the big gate, then on the side of the road. I stop on the side. I look around and see lots of  small and big cars and trucks flying by. And the butterfly is not there any more. I look up to the sky to find her, then turn my head to both my right and left sides, but I did not see her.

O’ I think, she is tired and left.

I decide to turn back but cannot find the road to home. I am lost. I feel scared. I move to one side of the road, sit against a bush , my ears and tail drooping. I try to cover my small ears. I do not like the screeching sounds of the crazy vehicles. After some moments I see a  silver color car stop close to me. The door opens.I lift my eyes and see a medium height man with a black baseball hat. He has a small round face, big eyes, is dressed in a blue t-shirt and khaki pants.He bends towards me, puts his arm around me, lifts me up from the road and carries me to the car. He talks to me on a low, soothing tone and makes me calm. He  strokes my head and shoulder, puts me gently on the side seat, gives me something tasty from a crinkly bag. But I am scared. I miss my mom. I turn my head and rest it on my legs. He starts the car.

After a long drive, the car turns right  to a quiet street and stops in front of a big brick house. I try to stand and look out. My heart is thumping. He honks the horn. I see a small black-haired girl, her heart-shaped face smiling prettily. She bounces out of the house, her beautiful lilac dress dancing. She opens the car door, picks me up gently, kisses me and laughs. She turns around, says “Thank you dad for the Lovely surprise”. She brings me a small saucer of milk and treats. I hesitate first, then move slowly to sniff the saucer. I lift my eyes and look at her, just to make sure it is fine. I enjoy the delightful liquid and my tail start to broom the floor back and forth in appreciation.She nods her head and pulls me closer. My tail dances in the air, I move closer to the girl and lick her face. She calls me by the name Lucy. I run after her to the back yard. I stretch my front legs and look at the beautiful green grass and pretty colorful plants. She plays fetch.  I run among the bristling hedges. I see lemongrass along the ditches, red roses, sage and mint.I even get closer to sniff. It is lots of fun. I run to one corner of the garden, sniff the wet sand play with it casting it between my hind legs. I try my articulated bark and madly shake my small tail in the air.

The sky is getting dark. The birds are quiet, maybe snuggling against their mom to sleep. I am tired too. look around for my mom, she is not there. I feel suffocated and sad. I bend my head, feel like crying and sigh. She comes closer, holds me tight, kisses me and carries me to her room. She puts me gently in a small soft rectangular tan color bed on the floor and I lay there.She sits there besides me and reads a real big book in her hand. After a couple of minutes she closes the book  and scratches my back. I feel safe. I glance back opening one eye and give her a contented thump of my tail. My eyes close softy. I enjoy my beautiful dream of running around in the grass, barking and playing fetch.

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This is my writing without the letter W.

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