An Astounding Plan

Study Abroad

A fresh watery afternoon. After the long meeting I walk to one corner of the office. I stand leaning against the big glass windows and watch the rain. Then I think if I can take a break from work and go somewhere far to a beautiful place like the fairy land in a story book to do something different from the routine life and enjoy.”The thought of going abroad makes my heart leaps.” Charles Summer. I gasp as a wonderful idea flashes in my mind. Joy flashes into my heart and lights it up. I give a tinkling laugh. I have a few purposes- not quiet specific. But hopes are high. I walk swiftly to my office room to the left side of the big hall.

I close the office room door from inside and sit comfortably on a chair,  put my arms on the armrests and  tilt my head slightly. I have been thinking to apply to the Psychology program in the famous Glasgow university. Glasgow university in Glasgow city in Scotland, by the bank of the river Clyde.It has produced so many great persons; The White-bread prize winner William Boyd, William McIlvanney, poet  Laureate Edwin Morgan and some Noble Laureates too. I will be proud to be in this famous university. I want to go back to school and finish my M Phil in Psychology.  I am confident that my husband and both my children will like my idea of going back to school and my mother will be thrilled. She always insists me to finish my M.Phill. Her response will be ‘ Really! I am thrilled. Go for it. Do not  think about your whole family and the responsibilities, just do something for your self’. O’ I love my mom. Scotland is the motherland of great Scottish poets as Robert Burns, Thomas Cambell  Sir Walter Scott.The wonderful castles, the natural beauties of Scotland  always stand out.

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I have to plan out to stay there for a year. In some week ends after my class, I will volunteer in the Fight Against Poverty program and in the Three Eyes project. In the Three Eyes program I can help the disabled older people.

There is an animal sanctuary in Aberdeenshire where I can help the rescued animals. Also there I can learn more about the horses and the therapy program that they use on horses. I close my eyes and think that it will be so wonderful to spend my whole life in helping others,it will be a fulfilled life.

I remember reading in one of  the magazine about the wonderful museum in the west end of Glasgow which has 22 themed galleries full of 8000 artistic delights and the ‘The House of Art lovers’.

I will try to  make some new friends with same interests so that we can enjoy hiking around the famous Loch Ness lake.It is over 20 miles long, a mile wide and 700 feet at its deepest, the largest lake in Scotland. I have read in the travel magazine that the surrounding area is filled with historic attractions and natural wonders.The scenic, dazzling mountain valley in Bennevis, the beautiful collection of high mountain peaks, ridges, rushing rivers, water falls which create a magical and mystical land in Glencoe, the soaring mountain of Cullin hills. Hopefully my family can take off sometime and join me there, I think. Wow! now I am totally love with my brilliant ideas. 

I walk around and try to remember of reading  a brief description of the Galloway forest. It is in the Southern Scotland boasts tranquil valleys, encompasses by heather clad hills, majestic slopes, forest and varieties of wildlife. This park has been awarded as  a Dark Sky Park where it will be a feast for the eyes to watch spectacular twinkling stars studded sky in the night. Also I can not wait to see the fascinating aurora borealis in the winter sky.

I lean back more to the soft cushion of the leather chair and try to remember the other beautiful things to see. I always in love with the photos of castles so I must make time to visit them during my stay. Now I am too excited. I think about the visit to the beautiful Glamis Castle in the village of Glamis in Angus, Scotland. It has the legendary setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth. The next will be the picturesque Craigievar castle carved with Scot’s baronial style of architecture, the 800 years old  Dunvegan Castle on a rocky outcrop, the 13th century fortress Braemar castle which boasts with the beautiful winding spiral staircase  and the Sterling castle perches high on a volcanic rock. I can not miss the famous Edinberg Castle which was built by king David on a 700 million years old volcano.

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My expression softens into pleasure. I tuck the stray hair behind my ear, stretch out my legs and smile; a really rich smile.

4 thoughts on “An Astounding Plan

  1. rogershipp says:

    “Her response will be ‘ Really! I am thrilled. Go for it. Do not think about your whole family and the responsibilities, just do something for your self’. O’ I love my mom.”

    Isn’t it amazing how we zero in on the center of problem fulfillment.

    Nicely done. Until family situations change, I think that this is only a dream. Love of family is too strong,,, even with Mother’s ‘blessing’.

    Scotland sounds wonderful! And it will still be there in seven or eight years!

    One has a lifetime to fulfill dreams of a lifetime!


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