A confident Heart

I Have Confidence in Me

Monday morning. It is hectic but Flora is always confident that everything will play out nicely. She finishes her stretching on the living room floor. As she rolls up the pink yoga mat, the voice of a lady in front of her front yard gets her attention. Flora wraps a  light purple woolen shawl and walks swiftly towards the front door. She twists the door knob,opens the door and steps out.  She glances at  the familiar face of the old lady Mrs Archer. She stands with her walker close to her front lawn and commands her chocolate tri-color beagle to go inside the house but the puppy wags his small tail and runs through the lawn towards the road.The poor lady tries hard but  with a walker it is hard for her to chase the puppy. Flora grabs a few treats from her kitchen and walks towards the puppy. The treat bag and a stranger both attract the beagle. He comes wagging his tail, sits close to Flora and quietly pants. She carries the puppy gently in her hand and walks with Mrs Archer to her house. “Thank You again, Flora, you are an angel!” She says. Flora smiles, hugs Mrs Archer,pats the puppy on her head and leaves.

Flora steps inside to  her house and closes the front door. She turns her head to see that both her cat and the dog are ready for their breakfast. The dog Lucy stands close to Flora, wags her long brown and black tail, looks at her like the round hearts of Daisies: feed me, then take me for a walk. Flora smiles affectionately, bends down and scratches around the ears of  both the tabby and the dog. She looks at the large walnut wall clock. It is almost six thirty. She walks on the soft white tile of the kitchen, prepares two cups of  cardamom and ginger tea and  oat meal  with milk, raisin ,almond,a pinch of salt and a few pieces of apple and banana, the way her children like. Then Flora opens the white double door refrigerator, brings out all the ingredients to prepare salad for lunch and the lentil soup. Her children are grown up, working but some days they come home late, tired from work. Flora likes to pamper them so she prepares and make the food ready before she leaves to work. Flora loves the sunrise. She opens the back door, steps into the back porch and walks on the deck to the lawn. O’ such  a beautiful day! She says, then linger to rest, draws a few breath of the soft, sweet air then walks back to the kitchen. Flora likes to bake any type of  sweets for her colleague birthdays. She opens the refrigerator takes out the vanilla cup cakes with sweet and crunchy toppings of brown sugar, almond, topped with few blue berries. She decorates them nicely in a big round white plate and then covers with a foil. Around seven-thirty in the morning, she leaves for her office.

Flora pushes the big double glass doors and walks into her office. As the new semester starts, she gets real busy with the students. Flora loves to help the students regarding their course, books, study guides and loans. She pulls the black pillow office chair, sits comfortably and looks at the computer screen. She  adjusts the keyboard  and starts typing the important points to discuss in the Monday meeting. This meeting is very important. All the other managers from different cities will be there. Flora is real nervous. She drinks a glass of water, runs to the restroom and practices few lines in front of the mirror, just before the presentation in the meeting. She is very confident about her presentation but, shy to talk in front of so many people. She leans against the bathroom wall and repeats in her mind, I am determined and positive that I can handle the presentation perfectly. She takes a deep breath and enters into the meeting room. At the end of the meeting and her presentation, Flora walks towards her chair, sits, wipes her sweats from the forehead, drinks one more glass of water, looks around and smiles nervously. She lifts her eye and notices how her boss smiles. Then he stands and congratulates Flora for the wonderful presentation and the delicious cup-cakes. Flora smiles. During the lunch break she closes her office door from behind, sends text message to her husband. She sits comfortably on the chair, tips her head slightly, calls her mother to check her health and then calls her son to ask if he enjoy the salad. Flora brings out her laptop and writes a beautiful birthday wish to her best friend. Afterwards she leans back more to the cushion of the chair, adjusts her eye-glass  and reads a few wonderful blogs in the daily prompt posts.

It is almost seven. Flora drives back from office. The early evening sky is a prism of colors with last of the sunlight fading from the horizon. She notices that at one corner of the road, to the left, just before the freeway, a tall lady wearing a Blue t-shirt and grey pant stands there with a sign Homeless, needs food. Flora’s heart cries out, she stops her car, grabs the mix nut packet from her black handbag. She rolls down the left window and hands over the mix nuts packet that she always saves for the one hour drive to home. The lady walks closer to the car window, smiles richly, takes the nut packet, touches my hand and says, “Thank you”.

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One thought on “A confident Heart

  1. rogershipp says:

    A heart of gold that breaks easily for the people around her. I would love to befriend a person like her. I also hope she has someone(s) to continually fill her heart! Well read.


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