Eyes wide open

Just a Dream I heard a faint scream. I jumped from the bed, walked swiftly towards the back door. I twisted the knob, stepped out and glanced around. Was it Daisy? I said to myself and walked towards the shed.Lightning flashed, and a few seconds later thunder crackled. Rain hammered the ground.The wind was driving the rain against it in furious ways.I did not see Daisy inside the shade. I walked around the compound and looked everywhere but there was no sign of Daisy. I cupped my mouth Oh! No! She is gone. A heavy suffocating blanket of reality began to sink in.That night I was the only one in the compound. I grabbed a flash light and ran towards the big entrance gate in the rain. The big iron doors were wide opened. My heart was pounding heavily.My imagination knocked into overdrive. I scratched my  wet hair, wiped the water from my eyse and tried to recollect the four real curious tourists, who came today to the visitors center in a big pick up truck. They were asking lots of questions about the compound and the surrounded area.They were very tall, muscular, with dark sun glasses on their eyes, discussing on different routes on the map with a tall lady as the group leader. I remembered the story in the newspaper about those people, the nasty mean people. I do not want to think or describe but I have to save her,I whispered.  Doubt has a way of blooming like firewood. Once it takes hold, it is impossible to eradicate.

I grabbed a poncho and started running on the dirt road looking for Daisy. After twenty minutes I saw another dirt road to my right towards the big hill.It was so dark that I did not where I was going. Dead leaves crackled under my foot. Some where in the tree the owl hooted. My leg muscles were tired from running. Sweat broke out pouring off me. It was real hard to run in the rain. I noticed a cottage at the foot of the hill. I walked closer and stood still. Long grasses and weeds climbed up the gate and poked through the rusted unused gate. I climbed the chained gate. I  was surprised to see three doors in the in the house; one on the front, one to the right and one to the left. It was a real dilemma to choose. I walked up to the front door, tried to open but it was locked. I walked towards  the second door to the left. I slowly extended my right arm to push the door, then I stopped. I could hear some voices. The door was not closed and there was a small opening. I peered more closely.  The room was cramped and musty with a few mismatched furniture.There was a lady sitting on a chair wearing a long-sleeved high-necked black dress, over which was draped  a blue shawl. She had very long dark hair with a center part. Three other men were standing close to her hovering over a paper. I recognized them from the visitors center. I tried t lean more against the door to hear their conversation but could not. I suspected something fishy.I backed up slowly and walked in real soft steps towards the third door. I pushed and pushed at the big wooden door but could not open. I took a deep breath. I was determined to find Daisy. I could not give up. I tried hard to push the door. There was no knob to twist so the only option was to push. With a little click the door opened and I stepped in. It was very dark inside. The darkened Gothic entrance did not appeal to me. It felt like I was in a forested area, not in a house. I tried to tread carefully without making a sound. Leaves rustling and echoes of twigs snapping and crunching beneath my feet.  I was very tired and anxious. I leaned against a tree to catch a breath and looked up.Some trees rose  from the ground arched as though in agony and reaching out. Suddenly I heard a small movement and a faint noise. I adjusted my eye-glass, stood still and looked around. Although it was hard to see anything. The noise was coming from the left so I turned and walked through the dense trees. There in the corner close to a tree, tied with a chain was Daisy. I ran towards her. Her ears were pinned back against the head, her trunk dragged on the ground. She looked at me and tried to stand. I could feel her sadness, her fear. I approached towards her,  touched her body with my wet hand,hugged her,and kissed her.She touched my face as gently as a whisper. We both shed tears; tears of finding each other, tears of affection, tears of love. I was angry at the poachers and my anger gave me a tremendous power; power of a super woman.I tried hard to cut the chain from Daisy’s leg. I noticed for the first time that  mental determination can do such a tremendous job. I broke her free.We both stood there silently looking at each other, then to the back. We started running through the dense forest. images (1)            images (4)

I heard voices and foot steps but kept on running.

Lekha! Lekha! wake up. My husband tried to wake me from my nightmare. I kicked off the cover , opened my eyes, and sat up on the bed and took a deep breath. I was sweating.

Is it another dream? My husband asked me handing me a glass of water.

I smiled and said ,Yes and I saved her. I was a super woman!

I turned my head towards the side table and glanced at the letter which I received from the Save the Elephant  conservatory and heart touching story of an elephant.  

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