Swan Song

Last Words

The world beyond the glass window is blurry. The wind shifts from South to Northeast. First it brings rain , then sleet and snow. The Primrose and Crocuses are hidden under wintry drifts, the larks are silent. Sage sits on a soft white wing chair in the study room.She rests her chin in her hand, her elbow prop on the chair’s arm and lost in her thoughts. Her thoughts shuttering through her brain like fast,frantic centipedes. The book ‘A Path Appear’ lays spread on her lap and the scarcely perceptible wind from the small opening of the window flutter its pages at interval. She has to take the important decision of her life. Sage leans back on the chair , closes the flap of the book, stretches her arms above her head and then smiles. Decision has been made.

Today is February 2025. A beautiful day. Sage leans against the window and watches the Peach hues of the sunlight,and it’s beautiful dance on the snow. She walk towards the living room, adjusts her eyeglass on her nose and sits on the black Aeron chair. She opens her I-pad. Today Sage has to write her last blog. It is really hard! She says. She squeezes her eyebrow, wiggles her fingers, looks out through the window, then slowly leans her head on the chair and thinks. It has been so many years of writing  blogs in the word press. I love expressing my feelings, ideas, emotions, voice through my writing. Everyday during the lunch break I close my office door, sit comfortably on a chair, pull my I-pad. I read the wonderful posts one after another. O’ it is so much fun, just like a kid in a candy land. Even sometimes it is hard to decide which one to read first. But I have decided to lead my life in a different way. I  should write a letter to all my friends in the Word-press, they will understand. It is really sad to part from both writing and friends. Well, I think this is life! Sage lets the tears collect on her lashes and stream down her cheeks. But she wipes them in the back of her palm. Then she, lifts the strands of stray hairs from her eyes, sits straight on chair and starts typing the letter.

Dear friends, 

This year I am retiring from work. Yes, I know that I will have more time to write, read and hike but may be not. I have joined in an international charity organization, where I will work as a volunteer to help the young children from poverty and will act as a mentor for abused girls. Because these social problems need more attention. I am going to help in providing food, teach classes, be their voice.I will try my best to give them hope and a chance to survive, to face the challenges of life. I am confident that I can do it and at the same time sad, because I may not get time to write. I want to give undivided attention to the young children to lift their spirits. All of you are so wonderful in encouraging me  and letting me enjoy your beautiful blogs. Really I am in love with your writings. I am grateful to Word-press for giving this wonderful opportunity and humble to have you as my friends. Hopefully we will meet again here is the Word press.

“When the sun says goodbye to earth, it leaves a beautiful sunset as a gift. When friends say goodbye to each other, they leave mementos of everlasting and priceless memories”.

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