Embracing life.

Clone Wars

An early morning on Monday. Faith sits on her couch with softly closed eyes in her meditation. Suddenly the knocking sound on the door startles her. She opens her eyes slowly, wraps the light pink shawl  and walks towards the front door. Faith twists the brass knob, opens the door, bits her lips. Yes, what! wow! she says, and closes the door.Her eyes are real wide with shock, her heart beat speeds up but, she dares to peek through the small opening of the door. Then she says, No way! and runs to the bathroom. I need to wash my eyes so that  I can see clearer, she murmurs. Faith bends down on the  white vessel sink and washes her face and returns to the front door. O my God!, Faith says, the girl standing on the opposite side of the door is just like me. I do not have any twins. Is she a ghost? Is somebody playing a prank on me? She leans against the door and looks closely through the small opening. She has black wavy hair, sharp long nose, brown eyes, olive skin tone,same glass frame like mine, same height and weight! Then she hears from the other side,

“Please open the door. From the last couple months you are constantly praying and wishing for someone to help you in your busy life and now your wish is granted.  And I am here to help you , your clone, let me in.”

What? Faith says,” No. Really, that was just a wish because of the work load but, I do not want another me in the same place, please go away”.

She says ” Sorry, I can not just disappear. Give me a chance. I will do what you want me to do.”

Faith’s hand trembles  as she reaches for the door knob. She inhales only a shallow breath and opens the door.  She wipes  the sweat from her forehead and says, “Well you can stay only for a month, then you have to leave.”

“Yes,Sure. So what do you want me to do?”, the clone asks.

Faith moves back from the door, sits on the beige color leather couch and  starts to think. I am a workaholic. I love working all the time either it is intellectual or physical. I do not get much time to read or write the daily prompt in the weekdays.I do not enjoy cooking. And always busy in the office work or in the home. If she works for me then I  can do what I desire. I love to see beautiful castles and  enjoy hiking too, so may be I should keep her. I would love to  visit the castles of  Schonbrunn palace in Vienna, Tocnic Castle in Czeck Republic, Alnwick Castle, Arundel Castle and Belvoir Castle in England. Then  I can go hiking in Kungsleden in Sweden,  Chilkoot Trail in Alaska, Tonquin Valley in Alberta. I will carry few classics to read and my lap top to write. O wow such a marvelous idea. I feel so proud of making so much ideas in the early morning.

Then  Faith turns around and smiles.” Sure you can help me but just for a month. First, You can go to work in my office but make sure not to mix and mingle too much with others because that is not me. Be on time. Finish the works on time ,no delays and everything have to be perfect.

Secondly,  in the early morning, feed both the cat and the dog, be gentle with them.Prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch to go . Lunch can be lentil with vegetables, mix fruits in a bowl and big bottles of water. Make sure the kitchen is very clean and tidy.

In the evening around six make Indian tea with ginger and cardamom and pour in my favorite white mug with blue and pink flowers on the border. In the mean time I will go to the gym for one and half hours. I will  come and work in the garden for a while and read some books. You will prepare the dinner. There should be one lentil soup, vegetable curry,tofu slices, steam green bean or asparagus or broccoli for dinner.

But then Faith leans back on the wall  and held her chin between her finger and thumb and thinks. I need to be more organized and practical so that I can handle my life perfectly.I do not need the help of a clone. Her eyes sparkle joyfully.Faith adjusts her robe and walks back to the front door, hugs the clone.Now the clone is very surprised.

Faith smiles and says,“Thanks a lot for being so kind to me in offering the help, but I can not accept. It is my fault that I wished something inappropriate.So please leave. I want to face the challenge by myself.” 


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